Hiccups, Liverpool and Man U

I've not had a hiccup for ages. And getting one last night was about the worse time it could come. A good 15 minutes worth of hiccups from our walk from The Library at e@Curve and our drive home. I am not sure what triggered the hiccups but I'll like to think it was the utter depressing malufying way that Man U played last night against Liverpool.

I hate to say it but Liverpool did deserve their win last night. Man U was taking Liverpool for granted perhaps? One may say the 1st goal was lucky. But if you watched the game, Liverpool was working hard. The 2nd goal pretty much gave them the nod that they were definitely in form and tight as a team. The 3rd goal says it all. Liverpool deserved the win. They played with passion and commitment.

Hernandez's 91st minute goal was Man U's saving grace of an otherwise insanely unbelievable game. Of course we know that we still have injured players like Valencia who have yet to return to the game but Man U must learn not to take its opponents for granted. Its time to bounce back and be in the game as proper Champions!

Now back to my 15 minutes hiccups! There are many causes to hicucps and I think in my case last night, it wasn't eating or drinking too fast. Rather it was me being too agitated with last night's case. As soon as the game ended, the hiccups started. So all the way as we walked out of the Library (yeah I watch the game surrounded by the enemies. Was just wondering if the enemies would to pounce on me, would hubby the Liverpool fan defend his wife? Mwahaha) till we reached home it was hic hic hic hiccup:D

It lasted a good 15 minutes till we reached home. I tried:
• drinking water - didn't work
• holding my breath to a count of 10 - didn't work
• breathing in and out into my hand in hope to increase my CO2 intake - didn't work (supposed to be into a plastic bag but I improvised since I didn't have any plastic bags with me then)
So I basically lived with it till we reached home.

And as I learned new ones from my colleagues that i will try next time:
• hold your breath and drink water at the same time
• put sugar under your tongue
• get someone to jump at me to scare me (hmmm)

But silly as it may also sound, I kinda enjoyed the 15 minutes hiccups. At least it tells me I am still alive:P

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