The Vanilla Place ~ its all things nice:D

Vanilla ~ isn't something I like. So I was a wee cautious when Ah Bok mentioned The Vanilla Place.

Braced myself and voila, I love this place in Empire Shopping Gallery. I didn't have enough that night and went back again with a pal over the week. Food is reasonably priced and the quality is good. This post was delayed so as to ensure that what I ate at the review and when I returned as a normal paying customer was the same:P

First that I tasted was the Oreo Mint. One can't go wrong with this and The Vanilla Place certainly didn't go wrong either. I liked the Mixed Berry Milk Shake. These 2 drinks are at RM9.80 each.
Some pals tried the affogato at RM7. Its basically espresso and a dollop of ice cream. Looked heavenly but I opted not to drink it least I am kept awake. Over a weekend soon, I will return for this affogato!
I'm quite a salad person. And a good salad pretty much secures me as a return customer. This colourful yummy Honey Roasted Chicken Salad at RM13.80 is a steal. Not many places serve sun dried tomatoes in their salads...well The Vanilla Place does! Crunchy vegies with cashews and the chicken is such a healthy idea. And the mustard sauce on the side goes well with the salad too. I didn't use much of the mustard sauce and the salad on its own was just nicely flavourful.
I am Chinese. Or more accurately half Cantonese. So I love soups! And to date the date the best onion soup I have had is cooked by my sister in law Gloria. Here the onion soup is just heavenly. A tad salty but I wouldn't mind having a second helping. See what I mean? Its so oniony onion. LOL
And the mushroom soup is also equally mushroomy mushroom:P The onion and mushroom soup goes a RM9.80.
Breads are another weakness of mine. Here check out their homemade bread with the dips at RM9.80. The darker one is olives and the other hummus. Heavenly reason to carbo load on bread!
Pasta pasta come to momma! I love pastas and have been quite well pampered at Trattoria Cucina Italiana. The Vanilla Place wasn't disappointing like many other places that I've been. As they are not Italians, I half expected the el dente not to be taken seriously. I was proven wrong. Pasta came el dente when I revisited subsequently. Bravo.

A highly recommended is the Spaghetti Seafood Pesto at RM14.80. Yes I love my seafood. And pesto pretty much seals the deal. The flavours were not overwhelming and the seafood was not overcooked till chewy.
The Aglio Oglio is also a recommended dish though I personally plainer without the seafood etc thrown in. Here the Spaghetti Carbonara is also good. Nice and creamy and went well with the mushrooms and ham. The 2 pastas are priced at RM14.80 and is quite a huge portion.
Lasagna is available in beef or chicken at RM14.80 is quite good. I had the beef and it was yummy. It was juicy mince beef and richly cheesy with the slightly tangy tomato puree. Bliss!
If you love meat, the 2 must haves are the Lamb Shank at RM19.80 and the Beef Stew @RM18.80. Unfortunately this must be ordered in advance. Call 03-5022 2198 to order a day ahead. Both were a tad salty for my personal preference but it was so flavourful and yummy, I went on eating. Be forewarned, I can't eat salty stuff very well. So its perhaps just nice for many of you:P
Mentioned above that I love seafood. So the Poach Salmon Fillet with Saffron Sauce was quite a turn on for me. I must admit the fish was a bit dry that night but the sauce and the mash potato made up for it:P This is priced at RM25.80 - ok pricedlah. And yes this must also be ordered a day in advance 03-5022 2198.
Chicken Rendang - I was surprised that this was on the menu. Wasn't expecting any local dishes. So this chicken rendang was a pleasant surprise. And surprisingly, it tasted good. The fluffy rice went well with the spices and the chicken meat. Priced at RM15.80 please call 03-5022 2198 to order a day in advance:P
And if you're thinking of just having some light bites or just desserts, The Vanilla Place is the place to be. Tea for 2 is only RM18.80 with with delectable yummies and tea for 2. Choose from its wide selection of tea. Definitely a good offering for Rm18.80 compared to many other places I've been. This is perfect for a girlie afternoon tea chit chat & gossiping:D
Looks delectable right?

And here's a closer look:P
And desserts here is divine. My fave is the Apple Crumble RM8.80. The warm tangy yet sweet apple filling went so well with the cold ice cream on the side. Oooo the crust actually crumbled real well - rich rich rich! Oh! I actually returned for this. LOL
Pavlova - not many places serve this. And here for RM8.80, you must try the Pavlova. Share it with someone though as the portion is huge:P
I was told the Carrot Cake here is rather popular. A wee sweet for me but it was flavourful and definitely went well with the marmalade that was served on the cake itself. Brilliant idea! It added more zest and ooopmh to the very flavourful carrot cake.
Tiramisu RM11.80 here is cute. Hmmmm...cute is a bad description. Its pretty and fun. Served in a tall glass, you dip your spoon all the way into the bottom of the glass. And voila you get everything that goes into a tiramisu. Its fun and a must try. Its quite fun to eat this with your darling and have fun feeding each other.
And if you just want to nibble on pretty cupcakes and macaroons, check them out here. RM4.50 for the standard size and RM2.50 for the minis.

The Vanilla Place
FK01, 1st Floor,
Empire Shopping Gallery,
SS/1 16 Subang Jaya,
Selangor, Malaysia.
Business Hours: Monday – Sunday 10am -10pm
Contact No.: +603-5022 2198
Landmark: opposite Toys R Us

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