My almost breathless #Brands14Days Challenge

"@missyblurkit what's the #Brands14Days that you're tweeting everyday?"

Well I took up the Brand's 14 days Challenge. For 14 straight days, I would take a bottle of Brand's Essence of Chicken to kick start my day. During this 14 days I measured myself how mentally alert I was. Basically was life any different with Brand's Essence of Chicken daily?
During this 14 days, I did not take coffee except for Day 2 since I went to Università del Caffè della Malesia. How to study coffee if I don't taste the coffee?
The 14 days, life went on at its usual crazy speed. I worked with several project sign off with my team of designers. Played (yes I love to play more than anything). It was my regular running to train up for the coming Energizer Night Race and Standard Chartered Run. The regular badminton and kickboxing at TNT Kickboxing went on as well.

And for whatever strange reason, the 2 weeks went on extremely busy (almost breathlessly busier than any other weeks). Attended a few motorsports events since it was also the Formula 1 season, drift action, cooking classes at Cilantro, Bootcamp, a day trip for a pal's wedding and to check out Kota Baru, durian hunting, touge with the Spyder pals, videoing my Mas Traveller video entry (I hid in a luggage bag), picking up kittens in the middle of the night and disturbing goats:D. And for another seemingly strange arrangement there was birthday celebration every night for the 14 days. You can imagine my late nights and almost 3 hours sleep a night.
There was no slowdown. I felt really good. I had fabulous fun doing everything. And yes definitely more energetic and alert throughout the 14 days. I didn't have to deal with the caffeine effect of keeping me awake if I took it after 3pm or even an irritated stomach.

I have to clarify. I am not new to Brand's Essence of Chicken. I remember taking it daily for 2 weeks before my major exams and of course during my exam days with superb results of course. And when I started working, Brand's Essence of Chicken is always a regular for my Friday mornings when I wake up at 4am to be a housewife before I attend my BNI networking meetings that start at 645am. Or even for the days when I stay up to finish up with work.

So this Brand's 14 Days challenge basically just confirmed that Brand's Essence of Chicken does work. Don't just take my word for it since I am generally quite a Energizer bunny.

Recent studies by Universiti Putra Malaysia's Health and Medical Sciences faculty showed that consuming Brand's Essence of Chicken over 14 consecutive days does indeed improve memory and mental concentration levels significantly. This is because of the ProBeptigen compound that is found in Brand's Essence of Chicken.
During the Brand's 14 days Challenge launch event, Dr. Paramjeet Singh, Senior Manager of Brand's Health Science Centre on Brand's Brain Research Centre in Singapore took us through an informative session. And mind you, this isn't Brand's rambling health benefits or product features within what we call "creative license" scope. The Brand's Brain Research Centre is a proof of Brands' commitment to ensure that their products are evidence based.
Brand ambassador Rynn Lim - a local composer and singer announced that he will be composing and recording a brand new song during his Brand's 14 Days Challenge. Rynn fans, you can get updates on BRAND'S Smart Living Facebook page on his new song updates. And here's some pics of Rynn during the launch:D
Out of being my usual curious self, I gave hubby a bottle of Brand's Essence of Chicken after he too laboured some 3 hours nights for almost a week. And off he went for the go kart event with F1 Legend Jean Alesi. Despite the hot sun and lack of sleep, he was actually alert even after the event ended at 3pm. We both got back to office and resumed working. There was no need for him to nap which was quite unusual as he's known to take power naps everyday. Not on the day that I gave him a bottle of Brand's Essence of Chicken.
You can have it warm, cold or room temperature. Its just a matter of taste preference but I like it warm. Energizer bunnies national swimmer Cailin Khoo loves hers room temperature while copywriter cum super mum Marsha Maung loves hers cold.
3 hours sleep daily - coffee + Brand's Essence of Chicken + work + play = FABULOUS
So keep Brand's Essence of Chicken handy. Its affordable RM39.20 for a box of 70g 6 bottle pack. Or take advantage of their current Brand's 14 Days Challenge special pack of 14 bottle pack of 70g at RM70.90.
Oh! Just remember to open the cap "ANTI CLOCKWISE":P


  1. Every time before the exams, my late Mom would make sure I take the Brand's Chicken Essence for a few days prior and it's the same come my son's turn. This is an age old trusted remedy.

    Btw, maybe we might just bump into each other at ENR or otherwise SCKLIM!

  2. i think i should try to replace my 3 cups of coffee a day with brands chicky essence.XD

  3. wenny: okies...let's bump:P

    but seriously Brands has been such a trusted brand for ages. Its about the next best that I can have apart from the one that God ma or granny will double boil for me.

  4. they really should appoint you as the ambassador/spokesperson for Brands.
    Gosh, I think I should top up my daily kopi fix with some brands for more oomph!

  5. sharon: just take Brand's cukuplah. can slowly wean yourself off coffee.