Dare You Try Durian the King of Fruits?

If you're an Asian and especially a Malaysian or Singaporean, then the durian is not a foreign fruit to you. Cat Hill King or better known as 貓山王 Mao San Wong in Cantonese is almost the ultimate grade for durians for any durian connoisseur.

The flavours from the Cat Hill King are extremely intense. It is sweet with a bitter aftertaste and when coupled with a rich creamy texture, it is truly heavenly.

Friends think I am kidding them when I tell them that even a dog can make out the difference of a superior grade or otherwise. My Shihtzu furkid Shalom has always been a picky eater and this extends even to durians. She'll eat the common grades such as D24 or durian kampung. However the enthusiasm is just absolutely a whole world of difference when she meets Cat Hill King. No more a gentle licker. She would hungrily bite the yellow creamy flesh off the seed.

Here's video "evidence" of her being a durian connoisseur.

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