Go Karting with F1 Legend Jean Alesi

A morning of go karting sounds fabulous. But when F1 legend Jean Alesi is thrown into the morning, it isn't just your cup of regular go karting.
THANX to Proton for putting together the Media Go Kart Challenge 2011 at the Elite Go Kart track. This track is fun. A wee hilly and driving the kart did feel like driving a miniature Spyder.

Among the folks who were there include rally champion YS Khong, Ian Khong, Wazid of Hypertune, Eddie Ong from Motor Myth, Tom Goh of and more. Absolutely fun and to a large extend hillarious as each pitted their skills against each other in varying karts with varying characters (and hiccups).

The whole event was just fun, fun and more fun for the media. We learnt what each flag stood for. And a revision of driving school i.e. left pedal is accelerator and the right peal is the brakes.

Off we went for our practice runs and the actual runs.
The champion was of course Jean Alesi but our local media gave him a good run. Jean was first place. Tom came second behind Jean. And for Tom's efforts, it wasn't just a trophy. He walked away with a GPS. And for his brilliant driving, Tom also won himself a Nolan Helmet that Jean Alesi autographed. Coolness!

And a must mention. Ian won the most daring driver award! Hehehe
No one went home empty handed. This is my trophy!
And here's more pics from the morning of fun:D


  1. now I'm tempted to try it too!

  2. yes...a must try. will loop you in when we have our session there.