I heart Central Market Toilet!!!

Central Market has been around since 1936. Yeah a historical building that's now housing lots of knick knacks and souvenirs for tourist. And this has always been out meeting point before our hokkien mee fix at Lian Bee. But I've never ventured into Central Market's toilet. Reckon my last trip to use its toilets was perhaps when I was doing my 6 months stint in 2002 at the Malaysian Bar Council (nothing to do with bars, pubs, beers etc:P) and it wasn't anything that I'll like to remember because it was wet, stinky smelly smello. Basically aiks aiks aiks.

So on the fateful 20th March 2011, I need to visit the lil girl's room. And bravo, this was a suprise to me. And mind you, I am told this is not new. Apparently its been around for quite some months / years.

Fee: You pay RM0.50.

Then choose left for the lil girls room or right for the lil boys one.
And inside...all nice and bright. Most importantly DRY!
Interesting old fashion door:D
The toilets were such a welcome. And a novelty for me that I actually spent a good 10 minutes marvelling at the toilets. Call me silly or crazy but this is a super far cry from its previous toilets. Sorry hokkien mee pals that I kept you guys waiting (Lilian, Yeo, Den, Jo & Brandon) on that rainy Sunday night:D. Now you know why:P


  1. wonder that day so long lar!lol

  2. jakuning and sampating in the toilet lor. me and my toilet obsession. hehehe

  3. glad u got yer moneys worth. hahha

  4. they are seriously dry????? Oi... must visit wor like that.....