AXN Big Challenge is here....

The AXA AFFIN Health is Might AXN Big Challenge is here! Is it a copy cat of the Amazing Race? No! This Big Challenge is a league of its own. Expects lots of fun, excitement and laughter as we see it on AXN - think CSI, So you Think You Can Dance and Hawaii Five O. And as the name suggest, it’s no longer only about fitness and physical strength. Throughout the race, teams would be challenged on aspects such as their mental wellbeing, positive outlook, teamwork and knowledge on nutritional health.

I was at the launch of the AXA AFFIN Health is Might AXN Big Challenge and had a little taste of what to expect in the actual event. Here's us girls with our shaky hands and legs after our rock climbing session at Camp 5.
And obviously with the fun I had experienced with some other fellow media pals, I rope Jo - my running, kick boxing, eating, doggie and Spyder buddy into it. Register online And we're registered as team Dipaksa Datang. Let's hope we get chosen:D
Only 150 teams will be chosen to battle it out for the chance to win up to RM29,000 worth of total cash prizes:
• 1st Prize – RM15,000
• 2nd Prize – RM8,000
• 3rd Prize – RM4,000
• 4th & 5th Prize – RM1,000 each

Malaysians! You are invited to form a team of two adults, aged 18 and above and register at to qualify for the preliminary round. The top three winners from the preliminary round in Johor Bahru would face the contenders from Penang and Kuala Lumpur on 26 June at One Utama for the finals!
Dates and venues are as follows:
11 June (Sat)
Penang Preliminary Round
(Penang Times Square, Concourse Area, Level 1)
Closing date for online registration: 2 June 2011, 10pm

25 June (Sat)
Kuala Lumpur Preliminary Round
(1 Utama Shopping Centre, Ground Floor, Highstreet)
Closing date for online registration: 15 June 2011, 10pm

26 June (Sun)
Kuala Lumpur Finals
(1 Utama Shopping Centre, Ground Floor, Highstreet)

For those who missed the online registration deadline, they may still be eligible for the contest if they are the first 50 teams to register at the respective event venues.

PS: I did my maiden rock climbing at Camp 5 and it was superbly fun!


  1. woot. so this is the AXN Big challenge you were talking about. Definately a challenging but healthy activity!