Beer & Crisp

Was working on a new A&P campaign for a snack client and suddenly the beer and crisp idea came into mind. It wasn't just a passing thought. It remained in my head for quite some hours.

So much so, I just had to doodle it out. Pardon the doodle...but that's how visuals appear in my head.

Will I be having a beer or even a Guinness later today? YES! I will hit somewhere for my beer and crisps cravings after work. Once the cravings is sorted out, the beer belly worries will coolly walk in. Come to think of it, its not just the beer belly worries. It is that damned beer belly that will actually walk in. That's the vicious cycle of life.

So there I have my happy moments of munching and drinking. And the even funner and happier moments of running, badminton and kickboxing it off.

Am I complaining? Nope. Cheers to that!


  1. I love badminton-ing.. Hehe.. Love the doodle too! Wish I could get the visuals from my head to paper as nice! :P

  2. thanx bella. i've seen ppl doodle so well. mine is like kids doodle:D