Fat Spoon in Damansara Utama (pork free)

Heard about Fat Spoon from pals working around Damansara Utama. Finally decided to try it out after my facial at Celmonze (Yeah this was last year). So here it is...I remembered only when someone asked me how to make popiah!

Tucked in the middle of a row of shops is this place called Fat Spoon. The name itself is cute. And not knowing what to expect, I opened the door to a place that's quite filled with happy diners. The warm cozy feel inside took my breath away. It was as if I walked into someone's dining room.

Was in for my next surprise when the menu arrived. I was given 2 Lady Bird books. I blinked. Lady Bird Books? I don't have any kids with me. I certainly don't look like a kid. The lady walked back and smiled at me. Gently she said "That's our menu." Hmmmm.
Looked through both books and ordered our food and drinks. I can't resist books. So requested that I could hang on to the book because I wanted to read them (and yes learn new terms - if you remember your Lady Bird books, you'll be learning new terms and words).
Service is quite fast. My Ulam Fried Rice arrived shortly followed by Dennis' Chicken Curry. I loved my Ulam Fried Rice. It was flavourful with an assortment of herbs and vegetables - nothing overwhelmed each ingredient. The Kunyit Fried Chicken that came along with it was also fabulous flavourful. It was very close to how my Goon family grannies and aunties did it. The only complain perhaps was that the Ulam Fried Rice was a tad wet and oily for my liking. I've always liked my fried rice dry and one of the ways to achieve such effect is to cook your white the day before (granny shared this cooking tip with me).
Hubby ordered the Nyonya Curry Chicken. It tasted OK. Wasn't anything out of the extraordinary except the long beans was cooked just right. Not too soft neither was it hard and raw.
Now the fun part. We ordered the popiah and the lady asked if we wanted to roll our own popiah? "Roll my own popiah?" Yes yes yes...I'll love that. So when it arrived, I was all super ready to play with my food. Spread some of the sweet prawn paste on the popiah skin. You can spread a thicker layer if you like the prawn paste. This would be a good time to spread the chilli paste for an even taste. Put in a slice of lettuce and then a little of all the ingredients. Read "a little" of else you'll have an overstuffed popiah that will not fold nicely. Hehehe. Hubby certainly went a wee too enthusiastic and his looked a wee bloated.

All in all, Fat Spoon is a lovely place to return too. I did not try the coffees then as it was dinner time. Soon, we shall return to try more items and the coffees that many pals told me that I must try. And since I can bring my furkid Shalom along (sit outside of course) this place sounds like a new haunt for us (only if the weather does not hit 39C as it has been the last couple of weeks).

And the receipt was also served in a book. This time a romance book. Yeah from kids learning to read (t order our food) and a romance book (for our bill), I certainly have grown a lot over dinner at Fat Spoon:D
Check it out:
73, Jln SS21/1A,
Damansara Utama,
47400 Petaling Jaya.
Tel: +603 7728 3323


  1. I've heard of it but never been bothered to try. Maybe I should ...

  2. @suanie: try try ok. but i think i love the cozy settings quite a bit.