More Shopping Ideas: The HiShop Club

Here's a confession on a shopaholic. I LIKE TO SHOP

And obviously I got excited at the idea of being able to shop without leaving my office or home (shhhh...don't tell my hubby please). So its pretty much a "Simply sit back, relax and shop"!

Quite a far cry from the following video which is pretty much me when I realise that I need to shop yet not appear to be shopping:P

Welcome to a new online shopping club. Unlike any other shopping blog or online shopping mall, this s a premier members-only online shopping club. Members (men and women) will excess private sales of branded goods at upto 80% discount. I mentioned men and women - so this means you will find ready-to-wear garments, handbags & accessories and home furnishing. Here's some items that I found while browsing through
I like the promise that "Our branded goods and limited edition items are carefully selected and come with a 100% authenticity guarantee." This goes well with my personal belief, motto and practice of "No fakes". Its either you own an original or don't bother at all. Don't be a fake. Be original! In fact the folks at even have their campaign of “fakes are never in fashion”.

And if you're keen to shop at, simple do the following!
• You can sign up for an account yourself at
• Verify your account
• Start shopping!

What's uniquely nice about this site is that the sale for each item typically lasts 3 to 5 days and features hand-picked styles from a single designer/brand. Being able to do this also means that will be dealing with the authorised brand dealer or representative for a better price (and in some case the best price).

There is also a section "Special Collection" which is a sale for 2-3 months and will showcase International and local brands that are an exclusive collaboration with

Check the following SKYE Ruch Long Dress by Singapore designer Ana Liew. I'm buying it from at at RM200 (and I am paying only RM149.60 - an additional rebate of RM50 because I've used a promotional code). Ana is selling it at her shop and online boutique at SD99.50 plus another SD26 for shipping (cheapest listed) which means I am paying RM306.22 based on the current exchange rate of 2.44.

Ana's online store
This does not take a rocket scientist to figure it out the following options:
(1) Buy it from at RM149.60
(2) Drive or fly down to Singapore and buy from Ana's shop in Orchard Central - at least RM600 expenses for A SD99.50 dress:p
(3) Order from Ana's online boutique at RM306.22 plus shipping.
Buying it from is the answer:P

So whatcha all waiting for? Get registered and start shopping!
Follow them to on:

PS: If the friends that you introduce make a purchase, you'll get RM25 rebate on your purchase too!

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