Ruby's Resort - my second home

Took advantage of the long holidays and returned to Ruby's Resort. This is actually my 9th time staying there. Hardcore as you may say, we return whether its rain or shine. I must confess that this trip was actually planned in 2010 itself. Yes last year. And our next return in August 2011 was also booked last year itself.

Here's my room. Yes my room because I've been staying in Palm 8 out of 9 times. This room has been repainted in white recently. Gorgeous isn't it? The usual works, we check in. Switch on the AC so that Shalom can rest before we hit the beach.
And while the diva rest, we head off to the cafetaria to makan! If you head here, you'll love the ice kacang. It goes well with the chicken wings too. And while we're at food, one of the other 2 faves of ours are the tom yam and the hokkien yee mee.
Done with makan, we waste to time to head to the beach. See what I mean that the skies and seas are really blue? And I'm very sure one of my pals who's doing her pre wedding shoot here next week is certainly going to have a fabulous time and seriously fabulous pics. The whole place is just so serene. Just perfect to chill and recuperate from the hustle and bustle of crazy KL.
With the seas so blue, a dip is certainly unavoidable. Strangely, the waters are really calm in the morning. So calm that I can actually see my own toes:D And so calm that I dare walk out deep almost to my chest with my camera sans the underwater casing to snap picture!
And if you wanna have a lil spa session, you may do so. We had a great time scrubbling our dead skin off with the soft black sand:D
The pretty blue sea isn't just for us human. Furkids enjoyed themselves too. Shalom is a water baby and it is tough keeping her away from the water. Its either she dashes straight into the sea or just strolls at he edge of the beach that guarantees us a soak mop looking Shalom.
And obviously when she's wet, she isn't a pleasant sight but that cute happy wide smiley face of hers makes up for all the awful looks:P
Please take note that you should always accompany your furkid when they play by the sea or in the water. They may get into trouble, turn tired or in long hair furkids like Shalom, the hair may weigh them down. Having some adults to be with them is always a good idea. Thanx to Jo who kept Shalom company so I cold snap some pics and video.
Here's a video of Hershey's maiden swim.
And Shalom's
A trip to Ruby's doesn't mean you need to get wet. A walk by the beach at night is equally fun. This time a bunch of us took a walk after dinner to look for turtles. We didn't find any turtles but we found a light bulb. A huge on that is the size of Jo's size 5 Crocs!

Lil and her old boy Tyrus also opted to stay dry this trip. And here's some dry shots of our furkids:D
And if you can wake up in time for sunrise (be by the beach by 7am), this is what greets you!
A reminder to myself that I really should be keeping (all) my cameras in the cupboard provided or else I end up getting my lenses all chilled. Then this is what I get when I want to shoot:-(
If you're game for a stay at Ruby's that has no Astro (cable TV), wifi, rather horrible mobile signal (but livable) no frills resort, here's the details:

Ruby's Resort
Lot 350, Jalan Kemaman,
Kg. Chendor,
Cherating, 26080,
Pahang, Malaysia.

Phone Number
+6016 938 1298
+6016 360 0009 (Aunty Ruby's)

GPS coordinates:
N 04d 8.956 E 103d 24.425

And when you're there, please give her a hug from Evelyn and Shalom.

Also, please pick up after your furkids after they poop. We want this to be a furkids friendly resort forever!


  1. I love ruby!!
    Can't wait for my second trip

  2. its a fab place that its not a surprise each visit i make, i'll be confirming with aunty ruby my following trips.

  3. Wow nice beach & i love the blue skies so much .
    Thanks for sharing :-)

    Jenny Chee