I am a stray...

We've banned the shooting of strays. But what we have yet to ban or to enforce properly is the rounding up of strays. This video below is disturbing and not for the faint hearted. And yes the latest obvious could not care less attitude displayed by the local municipal workers who regard the stray dog beyond a stray. To them the dog was a disease, a vermin, a curse and God knows what else for them to treat the stray that way.
Time and again our Department of Veterinary Services claim that the councils are trained to put down stray humanely. Yet why does this video surface to show otherwise?

So Malaysians and yes our dear Government, this is for you to ponder:
"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated."
~ Mahatma Gandhi

And really the public will need to realise the neuter spay is one of the best ways to curb strays. Kittens and puppies all look cute. But soon they outgrow their cuteness and many end up throwing them to the streets, resulting in yet another probably stray like this one in the video. And the said stray will probably also suffer such a painful end. And if the stray was the one you threw out or contributed

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