FREEBIES Time: Super GT tickets giveaway

Monday blues? Here's something to cheer you up. I've 7 Super GT tickets to giveaway. Event is 18th and 19th June 2011. I'll announce the winners on Wednesday!

Just tell me (no words limitation, so you can write an essay if you want to:P)
"Why do you want to go for the Super GT this year"

With the Grandstand Super GT ticket worth RM100 that you win, you can enjoy the following:
Exciting adrenaline pumping GT300 and GT500 cars racing. Not just the power beneath the hoods of these touring cars but the design and design of the cars itself. FYI, Malaysia is the only country outside Japan that is hosting the Super GT.
Supporting races including the GT3/GT4 ASIA CUP, JPM Megane Cup & Toyota Vios Cup (Thailand).
Feast your eyes on over 400 Super & Performance cars including Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, Maserati and more.
Rock concert - held on the track (Sunday 19 June, South Paddock)
Rock on with local and regional rock bands including Hujan and Azlan & the Typewriter and Indonesian favourite Radja.
VELOCITA – Official Super GT Rave Party featuring top International DJs (Saturday 18 June, 6pm onwards, Sepang)
Featuring four of the worlds most wanted DJs such as Roger Shah (DJ Mag Top 100 #34), Arnej (#87) , Sied van Riel (#97), and Mari Ferrari each spinning their unique blend of heart thumping and uplifting trance. And for the R&B lovers, Femme Fatale will thrill you at the main entrance car park.
Food bazaar
Flea Market & Shop Bazaar
Anime Cosplay
Acrobatic Stunt show
and much much more.

And if you love photography, the Super GT is a must attend. Here's some pics from last year:


  1. I want to watch super gt this year because the cars are going to rock our socks off!! Oh, plus the GT queens, it's so going to rock even my shirt off! Lol. Hope to see you there for this super awesome racing event! XD

  2. I want to watch Super GT this year because its not just about the cars and the lovely race queens but I believe as a Malaysian, it is indeed something we can all be proud of.

    First country to host SUPER GT outside of Japan,its definitely gonna be big! Cars, GT Queens, and awesome after party, what's not to like? :)

  3. I never been to any Super GT!!! Want to feel how my adrenaline rushing through my veins when I hear vrooomm... zoommm... and kaboooomm (this part this joking!!!) I want to admire the shinning wax cars, take pic with the hot barbeque chicks and rock with you there!!!

  4. I so wanna attend this year Super GT is mainly on those Super cars , Super adrenaline , Super Loud Exhaust and Those Super GT Queens.

    Not to be left out, our sepang racing circuit is one of the best race track in the world. A fast car and a good circuit, it will give us a never ending heart pumping adrenaline on all Corners and even straight line. Feel The Speed that you never felt before.

    Don't miss this BIG event, See you there.

  5. Why do I want to watch this year's Super GT is because the passion fast cars are totally in my DNA! I collected lots of car toys and car magazines since I was young but too bad I grew up in the East Malaysia so I did not have a chance to go to Sepang racing circuit until now that I am currently working in KL! So I really really wish to see the fast speeding and hot action from this events and I'll make sure to bring my DSLR to snap the cars and not to forget the hot babes! :D

  6. I want to go for Super GT because as an adrenaline freak there's no other rush greater than watching high powered,finely tuned racing cars battling it out on the circuit.

    Having the super hot race queens along the pit certainly does provide some lovely eye candy. To sweeten the package there's an after party.

    Wooohoooooo now I know for sure I'll have to go because after all these years this will be my first Japan GT !!

  7. back again to say.. I still want! Hahaha. Superb upcoming event!

  8. I want to watch Super GT this year because I believed it is going to be an exciting and great experience. Specially when surrounded with super cars, nice people and exhaust sounds. Never been there before :)

  9. I so want to attend Super GT racing this year because my dearest hubby would be there, and without a ticket for me, I am not able to monitor his activities. With all the GT Queens there, I'm sure his eyes will wander around, and by me being there, I can whack him each time he oogles. LOL! Thanks.

  10. All my life, my experience of speed has been, more often than not, painful experiences which have left their mark on my body.

    My two wheels have always been faithfully powered by my two scar-ridden legs. Those were good times. But age is catching up on me, and I'm favoring twice the number of wheels and a sexier, noisier source of torque.

    Yes, The Super GT. Perhaps sitting back safely in the spectator's area, admiring the speed from afar while telling stories of how me and my mountainbike (incidentally, manufactured by GT Bicycles) had our fair share of speed, while showcasing my scars proudly.

    I'd love to watch the Super GT, so that I may share, and finally retire my tales of speed on two wheels, and tell tales of how I now enjoy speed on four wheels - safely.

  11. Congrats! And the winners are:
    • Isaac Tan
    • Soffian
    • Jessying
    • Kannaft
    • Henry Lee
    • Janice Soon
    • Marcky

    Folks, drop me a line at 3bittersweetlemon AT for your ticket collection arrangements. Will need your handphone too.