Give me a forever home please!

This cat has been dumped at my office building. A very good natured female cat. I've not seen her before so I can only assume that she's freshly dumped today:-(

She has a very good coat of fur. Clean ears. No mites or ticks. Very manja.

Would appreciate if anyone could give her a forever home ASAP.
And a note for the animal dumpers:
Do not be surprised that one fine day, you will be dumped to roam the streets or even in an old folks home by your kids or loved ones. Do onto others what you want others to do onto you.


  1. Hi, nice to meet u last evening :) I think the company was better than the food ;)
    Oh btw, can u pls amend the URL link to my blog - it's minus the "blogspot" now :) Thanks!

  2. yeah3 u want to home d cat or not?
    irrelevant comments r just annoying