i'm an officially approved ABSOLUT connoisseur:D Skäl!

Skäl! I'm an officially approved ABSOLUT connoisseur.

Its been such a fun time at school that I wouldn't mind returning to school to learn up more on vodkas. What differentiates one vodka from another? Why Absolut Vodka over other vodkas? And the fave part of going to Absolut Akademi would have to be the fabulous cocktails that we learnt.
The history of Absolut would not have been possible without LO Smith. Yes the very face that we see on every bottle of Absolut. Innovative and different, he set the standards that makes Absolut above all vodkas. A single source production ensures that every bottle of Absolut that you open anywhere in the world taste the same. Continued distillation gives us the clear vodka. It also ensures us the smoothness associated only with Absolut.

Fun to be in school right? Some nose pinching. Some taste and nose buds test. Some taste test.
Some practical work.
Some tasting sessions after our masak-masak
And bravo, I'm a graduate.
And so are these pals!

Here's my fave cocktail that you can try out at home:
Absolut Espresso Martini
• 40ml Absolut Vanilia
• 10ml Kahlua
• 10ml Sugar Syrup
• 1 espresso
•• Shake with ice and strain into a chilled cocktail glass. garnish with 3 lucky beans.


  1. Bravo! you have graduated top of the class :)

  2. OH MY. This looks like a really fun school to be in. How did it start?

  3. Junwu88: Awesome school that I don't mind going in for revision and new semesters! Classes starts with us been given shot of Absolut if we're late for class. Not a bad idea to be late for class afterall!