Crazy... but I love McDonald's®

I love fast food. And I love its when its Mcdonald's®.

Give me the apple pie anytime (well...if I am a wee too full, I'll keep it for my meal in the next 2 hours:D)
Or my all time fave Crispy Chicken McDeluxe. There's just something about the bread with the spicy crispy chicken thigh (yes chicken thigh pretty much explains why I like this better than McChicken). One wish is always that it has sufficient lettuce!

Giving in to my cravings...I shall hop over to grab my Crispy Chicken McDeluxe for lunch and my apple pie for tea:D

Can you help Caramel?

This is taken from One Girl, Too Many Animals' blog
We thought we have seen the worst with Sammy boy’s wound, but this one certainly far surpassed that - the most disgusting & yucky wound we have ever encountered!
Caramel was found lying motionless one morning with severe injuries, and was rushed to Dr Goh’s clinic for emergency treatment.
The tough cookie is currently on 4 types of antibiotics to fight her infections and also on IV drips.
The skin attaching her tail appeared to have almost detached completely, but she somehow still managed to wag her tail happily when she saw us.

Dr Goh suggested to dock her tail at a later stage as it was pretty badly severed.

Debridement - Dr Goh had to cut off all the dead skin on both her hind legs. She had to undergo two sessions of anesthesia for this surgery. You can clearly imagine her sufferings, just by the mere sight of these heartbreaking pictures.
We had to hold back our tears when we saw her severe wound, extending from one hind leg to the other, with the tail's skin nearly falling off. We could not begin to fathom the tremendous pain she has endured. Fortunately, she is under pain control medication now.

So what actually happened to Caramel?According to Dr Goh, her wound was caused by a dog fight.??? This girl was probably attacked by a pack of dogs and she suffered at least 40 puncture wounds around her thighs. We actually lost count of the number of wounds on her back, ears, and front legs.She nearly died of shock the next day as we sent her to the vet. But this tough cookie survived - a real fighter indeed!
How You Can Help?
Caramel's condition truly broke our hearts, and we have vowed to never give up on her even though the medical bill will be costly. We strongly believe that her determined spirit of survival will carry her through this tough time, and we will support her in this tough battle with as much love and care as we can offer.

We sincerely Appeal to the Public to lend a helping hand to Caramel by contributing some much-needed funds for her medical treatment. Every little donation counts, and your support will be significant in helping her pull through this.

This medical bill is estimated to cost approximately RM2000 – RM3000. Her daily medication for antibiotics ALONE would cost RM50+, exclusive of boarding, IV drips, and skin grafting at later stages. She has to constantly fight against infections till her skin fully recovers, which might take up to 10 months. The skin normally grows at a rate of 1~2cm weekly for healthy dogs.

Don’t you agree that Sweet Caramel deserves a second chance in life?

If you would like to chip in / sponsor Caramel’s medical expenses, please find the details as follows:

Cash Donations can be banked into the following account:
MBB Account No. : 112857033831 (YEOH SAIK KIM & LIONG AI WEE)

Kindly drop a note to our email address ( / SMS: 012-919 2263 (Kim) / 012-2900215 (Sam) so that we can acknowledge receipt of your donations and allocate the funds for Caramel.

Ready to Rock Your Business?

Bored with the regular business norms? Come join me for 3 days (Friday 29th - 31st July 2011) of a fascinating adventure at Rock Your Business Malaysia. Expect 3 days of extremely interactive, fun and focused event to fast track positive results in your business, career and wealth creation.

Check out the video from Rock Your Business in Singapore in May 2011 this year:
Among some aspects that you're gonna pick up:
• Learn the secrets of Entrepreneurship that every leader follows
• Discover the cycle and flow of business so you know what’s coming next and how to plan for it
• Understand what is holding you back from success
• Learn how to Franchise and License your ideas
• Find investors and sponsors for your ideas and business
• Be coached by people who have done it, created success, millions of dollars and contributed to the planet. (Real people who have succeeded again and again. Not just another "coach")
• Understand the true meaning of social entrepreneur
• Learn the Scale of Success™ an ancient business tool that controls the flow and cycle of growth
and much more.

You'll be learning from:
Mike Handcock ~ Founder of Rock Your Business, Best selling author of 10 books, the producer of the movie ‘Dreamcatchers’ & deemed Asia’s leading edutainer and one of its Top 10 coaches
Dave Rogers ~ Asia’s leading Entrepreneur Coach
Matthias Gelber ~ Nominated the greenest man on earth.
Paul Zaman ~ Seasoned investment and business executive coach and advisor.
Li Lian Lim ~ Asia's leading franchise expert.
Anyone may attend. To get maximum value from attending Rock Your Business you should be an entrepreneur, business owner, career minded individual or someone who wishes to commit socially to the planet. Rock Your Business would suit:
• Business Owners
• Senior Managers and Executives of Corporates
• Anyone considering being in business
• Anyone studying business

Visit Rock Your Business Malaysia to grab your tickets now. Cya there!

Movie Preview: I Love Wing Chun 笑詠春

Catch the action comedy I Love Wing Chun at cinemas near you beginning Thursday 28th July 2011.

Directed by Choi Lik, it stars veteran Hong Kong stars such as Yuen Wah 元华 and Yuen Qiu 元秋 who both starred together in Kung Fu Hustle and also Natalis Chan 陈百祥. Lead actor is Olympic diver gold medalist turned actor Tian Liang 田亮. The other cast include Angel Wong 王翠玲 (better known as Chui Ling among her fans), Alan Yun, Amber Chia, Kelly Rajan, MyFM DJ 颜薇恩 and a number more that I recognise the faces but not the names.

Celebrating Mid Autumn Festival with Starbucks®

Its that time of the year with pretty (and sometimes noisy) lanterns and gorgeous mooncakes with all sorts of fillings and flavours. Enjoy this year's Mid Autumn or better known as the mooncake festival this year with a difference. Experience a unique celebration with your loved ones and pals with Starbucks®.
Bringing you a new level of experience and excitement, Starbucks® Mooncakes this year comes in 4 yummy flavours. A fusion of tradition, Japanese and Western ideas. You'll be amazed!
Caramel Macchiato Mooncake is my favourite. Most close pals will know that a Starbucks Caramel Macchiato is my weekly must for me with my weekly lunch of their sandwiches. So its only quite expected that the Caramel Macchiato Mooncake is my fave. Indulge in the rich flavours of coffee, Swedish Caramel and butterscotch chips in every bite. Hubby loved it so much that I lost count of how many slices that he had eaten. Hehehe
Next fave would be the Green Tea Chocolate Mooncake. A very zen taste from the green tea (I must add that the green tea bit tasted much like the ocha お茶 that I drink almost everyday so its really quite a refreshing twist to the mooncake). Coupled with the centre of sweet chocolate and lotus bits, this is a good try for those who do not quite like overly sweet mooncakes.
If you like Hazelnut coffees, then you'll have to try the Hazelnut Latte Mooncake. Every bite brings you the familiar taste of Hazelnut coffee and the hazelnuts bits just adds more zing into the mooncake. Its not overly nutty. Just nice:D
The Starbucks® Tiramisu Mooncake is a wee more traditional is taste compared to the others. I could taste the familiar taste of the traditional lotus paste married with coffee. Coupled with a centre of cheese, this gets your tastebuds all nice and active.
Starbucks® mooncakes are available at all Starbucks® outlets. They are nicely packed into gorgeous boxes of with 2 yummilicious mooncakes priced at RM 32.80 or a luxurious gold and red box with 4 yummilicious mooncakes priced at RM148.80 which includes Limited Edition Ceramic Starbucks® coasters.

You can grab more info on the Starbucks® mooncakes at

An evening of beer, ribs & furkids @ Craft Brews

I love beer. I love pork ribs. I love furkids. I love my car pals. OK its not necessarily in that order but I am writing with a very hungry stomach and crazy thirst in my mouth. And when I caught hold of Groupon's offer for Craft Brews' BBQ Meat Platter at RM69, I grabbed it immediately. This is one good buy of yummilicious meat platter of pork ribs, chicken, old fashion wedges, salad and soup that can feed 3 (or 4 small eaters).
Fast forward, it was a brilliant Sunday evening. Wasn't too hot. Wasn't wet. Perfect traffic made it all the better. Perfect for dinner over beer and lots of laughter with our usual bunch of pals with our furkids and our rides (Geraldine is getting her ride real sooooooonnnnnn).

Hubby and I arrived early. We walked our diva Shalom first before we settled comfortable and started off with our beer while waiting for the rest to arrive. Yummy cold beer. We started with the Red Dot for Dennis while I opted for the English Ale. The diva wasn't left out. She had her iced water and lots of treats that I had baked that Sunday morning.
As the rest took turns to arrive, we started with one of the best fried calamari in town. Not chewy like eating your pencil eraser, it was tender and flavourful. Was tempted to order a second serving just for myself.
The whole bunch are all nicely settled with their beers and ice lemon teas. Furkids are all fed with treats too and our food arrives (Craft Brews service is really amazingly fast and prompt. Lots of brownie points for the the folks there!)
Being quite hungry and not being able to resist pasta and bacon, we ordered the Craft Brews Pasta. Yummy creamy sauce with a bell peppers and shitake mushrooms. Oh! A generous portion of crispy bacon. The only complain would be I prefer my pasta to be el dente. That aside, the pasta was perfect.
Yes this bunch of makan, car & furkids kakis opted for 2 servings of the BBQ Meat Platter. I love the soup (minestrone) in little cups. Cute! Most importantly it was a comforting start to the main meal.
The salads are really generous. After all the meat that we're going to eat, vegies are a definite must.
The meat platters arrive. Corn looked beautiful and is still nice and juicy. The wedges here are creamy on the inside and crispy outside. Perfect for the beers to come. But a word of caution. Don't be too trigger happy in munching the wedges first. Otherwise you'll be too filled to eat the meat especially the yummy ribs!
We ordered all 3 flavours of the ribs and my personal favourite is honey mustard. The ribs were juicy, tender and absolutely flavourful. Use your hands and lick the ribs clean:D The chicken is also equally good.
Done with dinner, the chatting continued with more beer flowing!
Such yummy food had us humans really satisfied. I wished I could share them with the furkids too. Look at those pitiful hungry or cute faces. They make us look like they have been starving for days. In actual fact they were all fed before they came. And when they arrived they were also given treats! Look at the beagles and their pitiful looks.
And B has to eat tissue to prove her point. (OK B does not eat tissue but she was busy playing with tissue - one of her fave pastime.)
Confession: it was Shalom's day out. I actually gave her a bit of everything except the beer and calamari. Just a small piece of the ribs and chicken. Yes pasta too. How can I resist this huge big eyes "unwanted" furball?
As I write this with a hungry stomach post my run at the park, I am now planning a return trip to Craft Brews with the gang. Hehehe...

Coffee, Toasties & Polaroids @ RAW Coffee

RAW Coffee. Wisma Equity. Jalan Ampang. Ching. Cerventus. Khairil. Polaroids. That was my Tuesday morning on a fine sunny Tuesday somewhere in the month of June.

I finally stepped foot into RAW Coffee which was really near my office yet I never made it there (I normally opt for Ristretto as they open till 11pm while RAW closes at 8pm). Now that Khairil was back for a short busy break, meeting there sounded like a brilliant idea. When you arrive at the entrance of RAW or rather Wisma Equity, do PUSH the door real had. Unless you push it hard enough, it does feel like the glass door is locked:D

Heard much about the coffee and vegetarian food here and I couldn't wait to try it. There is quite a good variety of items to choose from. Take your time. Its a nice clean cozy place to chill. So no need to rush.

Here's Ching enjoying her coffee:D. I came a wee late so didn't manage to catch what Cerventus had.
This is my heartwarming little cup of Piccolo:D
It was brunch more than breakfast and we all opted for varying sandwiches. Both Khairil and I opted for the Breakfast Toastie of Nuttela with banana. It was awesome except I wished that they applied Nuttela on both the slices of bread.

And while you're looking at the toastie. Can you guess what does the following picture look like? Make a right guess (the first person to get it right), I'll buy you coffee and a sandwich at RAW coffee:D
Ching opted for a toastie of cheese and tomatoes. I loved hers too though Ching felt that there should be less tomatoes. Check out the yummy cheeseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Cerventus chose this real yummy mushroom toastie that is a must if you love mushrooms. And the toasties that Ching and Cerventus came with a very refreshing salad on the side. Utterly yummy. Utterly healthy!

Looking at the menu and RAW being so close to my office, I think this will be another haunt for me to have my lunch and chill over a coffee and a good book.

And I mentioned Polaroids. We had fun posing for pictures with Khairil's new toy that he bidded. The camera is cheap but not the film. It was fun nevertheless. And now I'm looking to get my own too just for the fun of it. And definitely lots of good old fashion memories.

RAW Coffee:
Ground Floor Wisma Equity,
150 Jalan Ampang,
50450 Kuala Lumpur. (Its smack opposite KLCC)
Opening hours:
Mon - Fri: 7:30 am - 8:00 pm
Sat - Sun: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
Visit them on facebook for more info on Raw Coffee

PS: My only complain was that I was bitten by a few mosquitoes that morning when I visited them. Perhaps it is a one time off thingy. I am hoping it does not happen again when I visit them again this week.

PS2: Push the door real hard to get into Wisma Equity / RAW Coffee. The glass door does feel like its lock from the inside. Remember! Take a deep breath and push hard!