Can you help Caramel?

This is taken from One Girl, Too Many Animals' blog
We thought we have seen the worst with Sammy boy’s wound, but this one certainly far surpassed that - the most disgusting & yucky wound we have ever encountered!
Caramel was found lying motionless one morning with severe injuries, and was rushed to Dr Goh’s clinic for emergency treatment.
The tough cookie is currently on 4 types of antibiotics to fight her infections and also on IV drips.
The skin attaching her tail appeared to have almost detached completely, but she somehow still managed to wag her tail happily when she saw us.

Dr Goh suggested to dock her tail at a later stage as it was pretty badly severed.

Debridement - Dr Goh had to cut off all the dead skin on both her hind legs. She had to undergo two sessions of anesthesia for this surgery. You can clearly imagine her sufferings, just by the mere sight of these heartbreaking pictures.
We had to hold back our tears when we saw her severe wound, extending from one hind leg to the other, with the tail's skin nearly falling off. We could not begin to fathom the tremendous pain she has endured. Fortunately, she is under pain control medication now.

So what actually happened to Caramel?According to Dr Goh, her wound was caused by a dog fight.??? This girl was probably attacked by a pack of dogs and she suffered at least 40 puncture wounds around her thighs. We actually lost count of the number of wounds on her back, ears, and front legs.She nearly died of shock the next day as we sent her to the vet. But this tough cookie survived - a real fighter indeed!
How You Can Help?
Caramel's condition truly broke our hearts, and we have vowed to never give up on her even though the medical bill will be costly. We strongly believe that her determined spirit of survival will carry her through this tough time, and we will support her in this tough battle with as much love and care as we can offer.

We sincerely Appeal to the Public to lend a helping hand to Caramel by contributing some much-needed funds for her medical treatment. Every little donation counts, and your support will be significant in helping her pull through this.

This medical bill is estimated to cost approximately RM2000 – RM3000. Her daily medication for antibiotics ALONE would cost RM50+, exclusive of boarding, IV drips, and skin grafting at later stages. She has to constantly fight against infections till her skin fully recovers, which might take up to 10 months. The skin normally grows at a rate of 1~2cm weekly for healthy dogs.

Don’t you agree that Sweet Caramel deserves a second chance in life?

If you would like to chip in / sponsor Caramel’s medical expenses, please find the details as follows:

Cash Donations can be banked into the following account:
MBB Account No. : 112857033831 (YEOH SAIK KIM & LIONG AI WEE)

Kindly drop a note to our email address ( / SMS: 012-919 2263 (Kim) / 012-2900215 (Sam) so that we can acknowledge receipt of your donations and allocate the funds for Caramel.

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