Celebrating Mid Autumn Festival with Starbucks®

Its that time of the year with pretty (and sometimes noisy) lanterns and gorgeous mooncakes with all sorts of fillings and flavours. Enjoy this year's Mid Autumn or better known as the mooncake festival this year with a difference. Experience a unique celebration with your loved ones and pals with Starbucks®.
Bringing you a new level of experience and excitement, Starbucks® Mooncakes this year comes in 4 yummy flavours. A fusion of tradition, Japanese and Western ideas. You'll be amazed!
Caramel Macchiato Mooncake is my favourite. Most close pals will know that a Starbucks Caramel Macchiato is my weekly must for me with my weekly lunch of their sandwiches. So its only quite expected that the Caramel Macchiato Mooncake is my fave. Indulge in the rich flavours of coffee, Swedish Caramel and butterscotch chips in every bite. Hubby loved it so much that I lost count of how many slices that he had eaten. Hehehe
Next fave would be the Green Tea Chocolate Mooncake. A very zen taste from the green tea (I must add that the green tea bit tasted much like the ocha お茶 that I drink almost everyday so its really quite a refreshing twist to the mooncake). Coupled with the centre of sweet chocolate and lotus bits, this is a good try for those who do not quite like overly sweet mooncakes.
If you like Hazelnut coffees, then you'll have to try the Hazelnut Latte Mooncake. Every bite brings you the familiar taste of Hazelnut coffee and the hazelnuts bits just adds more zing into the mooncake. Its not overly nutty. Just nice:D
The Starbucks® Tiramisu Mooncake is a wee more traditional is taste compared to the others. I could taste the familiar taste of the traditional lotus paste married with coffee. Coupled with a centre of cheese, this gets your tastebuds all nice and active.
Starbucks® mooncakes are available at all Starbucks® outlets. They are nicely packed into gorgeous boxes of with 2 yummilicious mooncakes priced at RM 32.80 or a luxurious gold and red box with 4 yummilicious mooncakes priced at RM148.80 which includes Limited Edition Ceramic Starbucks® coasters.

You can grab more info on the Starbucks® mooncakes at

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