Coffee, Toasties & Polaroids @ RAW Coffee

RAW Coffee. Wisma Equity. Jalan Ampang. Ching. Cerventus. Khairil. Polaroids. That was my Tuesday morning on a fine sunny Tuesday somewhere in the month of June.

I finally stepped foot into RAW Coffee which was really near my office yet I never made it there (I normally opt for Ristretto as they open till 11pm while RAW closes at 8pm). Now that Khairil was back for a short busy break, meeting there sounded like a brilliant idea. When you arrive at the entrance of RAW or rather Wisma Equity, do PUSH the door real had. Unless you push it hard enough, it does feel like the glass door is locked:D

Heard much about the coffee and vegetarian food here and I couldn't wait to try it. There is quite a good variety of items to choose from. Take your time. Its a nice clean cozy place to chill. So no need to rush.

Here's Ching enjoying her coffee:D. I came a wee late so didn't manage to catch what Cerventus had.
This is my heartwarming little cup of Piccolo:D
It was brunch more than breakfast and we all opted for varying sandwiches. Both Khairil and I opted for the Breakfast Toastie of Nuttela with banana. It was awesome except I wished that they applied Nuttela on both the slices of bread.

And while you're looking at the toastie. Can you guess what does the following picture look like? Make a right guess (the first person to get it right), I'll buy you coffee and a sandwich at RAW coffee:D
Ching opted for a toastie of cheese and tomatoes. I loved hers too though Ching felt that there should be less tomatoes. Check out the yummy cheeseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Cerventus chose this real yummy mushroom toastie that is a must if you love mushrooms. And the toasties that Ching and Cerventus came with a very refreshing salad on the side. Utterly yummy. Utterly healthy!

Looking at the menu and RAW being so close to my office, I think this will be another haunt for me to have my lunch and chill over a coffee and a good book.

And I mentioned Polaroids. We had fun posing for pictures with Khairil's new toy that he bidded. The camera is cheap but not the film. It was fun nevertheless. And now I'm looking to get my own too just for the fun of it. And definitely lots of good old fashion memories.

RAW Coffee:
Ground Floor Wisma Equity,
150 Jalan Ampang,
50450 Kuala Lumpur. (Its smack opposite KLCC)
Opening hours:
Mon - Fri: 7:30 am - 8:00 pm
Sat - Sun: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
Visit them on facebook for more info on Raw Coffee

PS: My only complain was that I was bitten by a few mosquitoes that morning when I visited them. Perhaps it is a one time off thingy. I am hoping it does not happen again when I visit them again this week.

PS2: Push the door real hard to get into Wisma Equity / RAW Coffee. The glass door does feel like its lock from the inside. Remember! Take a deep breath and push hard!


  1. Hidden Mickey & Minnie! Having a cuddle!

  2. So cute! looks like 2 doggie paws together!

  3. Shannon: bingo:D now let's set a date for the coffee and toastie.

    fara: i didn't realise minnie and mickey. but heck yes that's a probability too. join us for coffee and toastie?

  4. food looks good, and its so near KLCC! I'm there every friday lunch time, in KLCC i mean. Probably could drop by this place to makan makan soon

  5. isaac: buzz me. my office is next to klcc:D