Crazy... but I love McDonald's®

I love fast food. And I love its when its Mcdonald's®.

Give me the apple pie anytime (well...if I am a wee too full, I'll keep it for my meal in the next 2 hours:D)
Or my all time fave Crispy Chicken McDeluxe. There's just something about the bread with the spicy crispy chicken thigh (yes chicken thigh pretty much explains why I like this better than McChicken). One wish is always that it has sufficient lettuce!

Giving in to my cravings...I shall hop over to grab my Crispy Chicken McDeluxe for lunch and my apple pie for tea:D


  1. spicy chicken mcdeluxe.. nice.

    I sometimes order the spicy fried chicken, and guess which part I'll order, the thigh of course! XD

  2. isaac: yes the thigh (only). and of course i also love popeye's for their chicken and very gorgeous mash!

  3. U know what? Suddenly I have this cravings for Ramly Burger pulaks! Aargh!!!! Pak Ramly ooh Pak Ramly.. mane le ko?

  4. now i want ramly burger jugak. contagious betul merryn's cravings.