An evening of beer, ribs & furkids @ Craft Brews

I love beer. I love pork ribs. I love furkids. I love my car pals. OK its not necessarily in that order but I am writing with a very hungry stomach and crazy thirst in my mouth. And when I caught hold of Groupon's offer for Craft Brews' BBQ Meat Platter at RM69, I grabbed it immediately. This is one good buy of yummilicious meat platter of pork ribs, chicken, old fashion wedges, salad and soup that can feed 3 (or 4 small eaters).
Fast forward, it was a brilliant Sunday evening. Wasn't too hot. Wasn't wet. Perfect traffic made it all the better. Perfect for dinner over beer and lots of laughter with our usual bunch of pals with our furkids and our rides (Geraldine is getting her ride real sooooooonnnnnn).

Hubby and I arrived early. We walked our diva Shalom first before we settled comfortable and started off with our beer while waiting for the rest to arrive. Yummy cold beer. We started with the Red Dot for Dennis while I opted for the English Ale. The diva wasn't left out. She had her iced water and lots of treats that I had baked that Sunday morning.
As the rest took turns to arrive, we started with one of the best fried calamari in town. Not chewy like eating your pencil eraser, it was tender and flavourful. Was tempted to order a second serving just for myself.
The whole bunch are all nicely settled with their beers and ice lemon teas. Furkids are all fed with treats too and our food arrives (Craft Brews service is really amazingly fast and prompt. Lots of brownie points for the the folks there!)
Being quite hungry and not being able to resist pasta and bacon, we ordered the Craft Brews Pasta. Yummy creamy sauce with a bell peppers and shitake mushrooms. Oh! A generous portion of crispy bacon. The only complain would be I prefer my pasta to be el dente. That aside, the pasta was perfect.
Yes this bunch of makan, car & furkids kakis opted for 2 servings of the BBQ Meat Platter. I love the soup (minestrone) in little cups. Cute! Most importantly it was a comforting start to the main meal.
The salads are really generous. After all the meat that we're going to eat, vegies are a definite must.
The meat platters arrive. Corn looked beautiful and is still nice and juicy. The wedges here are creamy on the inside and crispy outside. Perfect for the beers to come. But a word of caution. Don't be too trigger happy in munching the wedges first. Otherwise you'll be too filled to eat the meat especially the yummy ribs!
We ordered all 3 flavours of the ribs and my personal favourite is honey mustard. The ribs were juicy, tender and absolutely flavourful. Use your hands and lick the ribs clean:D The chicken is also equally good.
Done with dinner, the chatting continued with more beer flowing!
Such yummy food had us humans really satisfied. I wished I could share them with the furkids too. Look at those pitiful hungry or cute faces. They make us look like they have been starving for days. In actual fact they were all fed before they came. And when they arrived they were also given treats! Look at the beagles and their pitiful looks.
And B has to eat tissue to prove her point. (OK B does not eat tissue but she was busy playing with tissue - one of her fave pastime.)
Confession: it was Shalom's day out. I actually gave her a bit of everything except the beer and calamari. Just a small piece of the ribs and chicken. Yes pasta too. How can I resist this huge big eyes "unwanted" furball?
As I write this with a hungry stomach post my run at the park, I am now planning a return trip to Craft Brews with the gang. Hehehe...


  1. omg, the food. Heavenly food, i think it'll fit perfectly in my tummy :P

  2. Imagine Shalom getting the beer! hehe..

  3. lol...but hat is something which is a no no as g=far as this mummy is concerned. the furkids liver can't deal with the alcohol.