Go Karting Addiction: City Karting @ Shah Alam Circuit

Post our karting session with F1 Legend Jean Alesi, I reckon both hubby and I sort of picked up the karting bug. I will have to confess I enjoy taking pics more than driving as going in circles on the karting circuit makes me feel a little like a white mice running on a wheel:P

Anyhow, this is the first of the kart circuits that we played at. I'll document the others that we've done along the way...

City Karting at Shah Alam Circuit has been around for many years and is one of the easier to play circuit as its rather flat. And if you're my weight, trust me the 80cc actually flies:D But for everyone, its best that you start with the 80cc if you have not karted before.

The boys who have karted before may prefer to play with the 100cc which among us Spyder mates feel like driving a turbo charged version of our car. Yeah the 80cc feels like our Spyders. And somedays both hubby and I feel like we're driving a go kart around town.
Here's some pics of us in our last 2 sessions:
Go easy or else you'l spinnnnnnnn

3 wheel action by the lembus Victor and Andrew

Extremely cute Jo Lee. Can we summon her for one hand driving?

Cheeky Eric and very celebrity one hand driving KC
Its so fun and easy that 1st timers can smile their way during the entire 10 minutes

or stay really focussed so that the kart stays (this is only if you're super skinny like Geraldine)
The one who enjoy the easy drive...
Some loving couples. KC lovingly stays close to wifey on her maiden karting outing.
and I am not sure what this pair of super romantic couple Kelvin and Pamela are whispering to each other.

Expert players like Brandon & Kianyeh seek to improve their sessions.
and this my hubby:D
My doggie, foodie, Spyder and now karting mates Jo and Lilian
And if you want to have some fun there over, they're open 7 days a week. However do call before you swing by as some slots maybe fully booked:
Level 1 Quadrant C,
Shah Alam Stadium,
Section 13, 40000 Shah Alam,
Selangor Darul Ehsan
Tel : 03 5512 5868 (ask for Wai Leong )
Fax : 03 5512 1769
GPS: 3° 4'52.47"N 101°32'32.32"E
Rates: 80cc RM35 for 10 minutes
100cc RM80 for 10 minutes

Bring your own helmets if you have your own. Otherwise, you may use the helmets that City Karting has. And if you've sweaty palms like me, bring a long your own gloves. The sports gloves that you wear for gym will suffice. Sunblock is good too. And the girls with long hair, do tie your hair up and tuck it into the helmet. Its for your own safety.


  1. wah not bad, could get such clear pictures of the action. Must be pretty exciting hor! XD

  2. crazy fun. crazy hot. hahaha. we were karting at 10am on one session and another at 2pm. LOL