Jake's Charbroiled Steaks

Its been some time that I returned to Jakes Charbroiled Steak. Nothing is wrong just I have been making my own steaks now that I've a found a place to get good cuts at good prices. So our return to Jakes this time was to celebrate Yvonne's birthday.

Do make your reservations before you head to Jakes. Its better that way as it is one of the more popular steakhouses these days. We arrived at 730pm and it was already a good crowd of happy people having their meals and some celebrating birthday just like us.

We were ushered upstairs and the first thing that hubby and I noted was that we were back at the same spot that we have always eaten on. LOL. I am not complaining except this table doesn't have good lighting as the photos will tell later especially when shooting with a compact camera:D

Appetiser! One must always always always have the Escargot Bourguignonne. Baked in a special house sauce, it's good to order some bread so that you can soak the bread into the yummy sauce. The escargots are baked just nice and tender not like eating some hard rubber as we've tasted elsewhere.

Since it was a rather cool wet Sunday, soups are a definite must. This round we had a couple of soups amongst us 4. But the one that really stood out and had us all almost licking our bowl clean was the Lobster Bisque. And its a good idea to order Jakes Charbroiled's heavenly garlic breads.
Here at Jakes, one is quite capable of being lost as to what beef to order. Choose from Australian Wagyu, Black Angus and Grain Fed in varying cuts of Sirloin, Ribeye & Tenderloin. When you open the menu, there is a guide to the different parts of the cow.

The boys and I opted for beef. I love the way Jakes are cooked. No hiding behind a veil of sauces. Its just a good cut of beef with minimal marinates cooked to the way you like. And because it is broiled the meat holds the juices all so well.

Jakes Charbroiled Steak serves more than just beef. Give their lamb a try and Yvonne did just that. She opted for the Australian Lamb Ribs (marinated ribs charbroiled to medium well, served with BBQ sauce). Portion isn't that filling per se if you look at the ribs alone. However, coupled with the generous portion of side dishes, this can easily have you burping "I am full and satisfied".
And for the smaller eaters, I must warn you that the side dishes on each plate can be quite overwhelming. In my case, I generally ask for 2 vegetables and their very yummy wedges. I don't quite like their baked potato because it not pork bacon on the potato! OK...I like pork and and I like my baked potatoes with lots of sour cream (which Jakes is generous with) but its not pork bacon on the potato. So I'll opt for other side dishes:D

If you have room for dessert, you must give their Nutty Pecan Pie a try. We didn't do it this round as we brought along a cake for the birthday girl. Now that I am writing this...I am turning hungry. I shall have to include Jakes on my dinner list one of these days. Right hubby?

Jakes Charbroiled Steaks:
21, Jalan Setiapuspa
Medan Damansara
50490 Kuala Lumpur
+603 2094 5677
Closed on Sunday lunch.

Jakes is also in Starhill. But I've always preferred this first outlet better. No idea why except perhaps its nearer to home?

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