Movie Preview: I Love Wing Chun 笑詠春

Catch the action comedy I Love Wing Chun at cinemas near you beginning Thursday 28th July 2011.

Directed by Choi Lik, it stars veteran Hong Kong stars such as Yuen Wah 元华 and Yuen Qiu 元秋 who both starred together in Kung Fu Hustle and also Natalis Chan 陈百祥. Lead actor is Olympic diver gold medalist turned actor Tian Liang 田亮. The other cast include Angel Wong 王翠玲 (better known as Chui Ling among her fans), Alan Yun, Amber Chia, Kelly Rajan, MyFM DJ 颜薇恩 and a number more that I recognise the faces but not the names.

I Love Wing Chun revolves around an 18 year old boy Wing who have been raised by martial arts experts Aunty and Uncle Chun. No points for guessing as to which movie does Aunty and Uncle Chun remnd you of. Young innocent Wing heads to town and a series of hillarious adventures crosses his way. Accompanying him are his new pals and of course Aunty and Uncle Chun.

We all know that Wing Chun is a martial art and has gained quite some popularity. And in this movie, there is a Wing Chun street that features Wing Chun Mahjong, Wing Chun Massage, Wing Chun Bak Kut Teh, Wing Chun Chicken rice and more. Each scene gives you a good laugh:D

Watch the trailer and hurry off to to the cinema to watch the whole movie beginning Thursday 28th July 2011!
And here's some pics taken at the preview held on Sunday at Cathay Cineplex in e@Curve.

PS: And if you're a banana like my hubby, you can still enjoy this Cantonese movie and have a good laugh like he did. The last we watched a chinese movie together was ages as he can't really comprehend Cantonese nor Mandarin. But this one, he was happily laughing throughout the show.

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