Ready to Rock Your Business?

Bored with the regular business norms? Come join me for 3 days (Friday 29th - 31st July 2011) of a fascinating adventure at Rock Your Business Malaysia. Expect 3 days of extremely interactive, fun and focused event to fast track positive results in your business, career and wealth creation.

Check out the video from Rock Your Business in Singapore in May 2011 this year:
Among some aspects that you're gonna pick up:
• Learn the secrets of Entrepreneurship that every leader follows
• Discover the cycle and flow of business so you know what’s coming next and how to plan for it
• Understand what is holding you back from success
• Learn how to Franchise and License your ideas
• Find investors and sponsors for your ideas and business
• Be coached by people who have done it, created success, millions of dollars and contributed to the planet. (Real people who have succeeded again and again. Not just another "coach")
• Understand the true meaning of social entrepreneur
• Learn the Scale of Success™ an ancient business tool that controls the flow and cycle of growth
and much more.

You'll be learning from:
Mike Handcock ~ Founder of Rock Your Business, Best selling author of 10 books, the producer of the movie ‘Dreamcatchers’ & deemed Asia’s leading edutainer and one of its Top 10 coaches
Dave Rogers ~ Asia’s leading Entrepreneur Coach
Matthias Gelber ~ Nominated the greenest man on earth.
Paul Zaman ~ Seasoned investment and business executive coach and advisor.
Li Lian Lim ~ Asia's leading franchise expert.
Anyone may attend. To get maximum value from attending Rock Your Business you should be an entrepreneur, business owner, career minded individual or someone who wishes to commit socially to the planet. Rock Your Business would suit:
• Business Owners
• Senior Managers and Executives of Corporates
• Anyone considering being in business
• Anyone studying business

Visit Rock Your Business Malaysia to grab your tickets now. Cya there!

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