24th Ops Sikap

Its the festive season and this time we join our Muslim pals to celebrate Hari Raya after a month of fasting. And it is during this merry time that we all drive around to visit them, balik kampung or even take time off to travel locally. Absolutely brilliant!
The police have launched the 24th Ops Sikap on Tuesday 23rd August 2011. Launched by YDH DCP Dato' Mohmad bin Salleh who also saw the support of the biking and sportscar community and even normal civilians like you and I.
The 24th Ops Sikap this round involves the police setting up speed traps at the hot spots of high accidents. The speed traps are meant to be a deterrent for speedsters who drive recklessly fast and end up endangering not just their own lives but that of their loved ones and innocent people around them. Its a simple logic. Drive too fast and you're not caable of controlling your car and what happens? Accident!
The second cause of fatalities and accidents is of course people who fall asleep while driving. Driving after a full meal or when one is tired is a bad idea. One can stop at the many rest stops for a break. Walk around. Have a drink. Stretch your legs. Wash your face. These are some of the possible way to break the monotony of driving whch hubby and I practice when we drive around for our trips.

To further advocate the idea of driving and riding safely, helmets and reflective jackets were also give out to the motorcyclist. Goodie bags were also given to both the motorcylist and motorist. In it were booklets on safetip driving or riding tips, drinking water and a slice of cake for the recipients to either eat when they broke fast or snack when they took a break from their driving.
This Ops Sikap is also tied in with "Kempen Rumah Selamat" i.e. safe home campaign. We all go off for our holidays and hope that our ouse is safe and intact when we return. Some guidelines given were to ensure we use proper locks or inform our neighbours that we will be away and ask them to help keep an eye. I never go off for any holidays without informing my neighbours on my block. And I would request that they in turn also keep me posted if they were to go for their holidays so that could keep an eye on their place.

The Ops Sikap starts from 23rd August to 6th September. Records has shown that the Ops Sikap which is into its 10th year has been successful in reducing the number of accidents and fatalities. So folks, stop looking at the campaign like its a money sucking campaign that the government has launch. Its for all road users safety.

Do note that the "saman ekor" or the sending of summonses to traffic offenders va the mail would be contonued where it is necessary but the cameras for the speed traps would be prominently located for motorists to see the cameras. There will also be sign boards to warn of any speed traps. And so if anyone insist of being a speedster you only have yourself to blame for your summon.

So safe this festive season and happy holidays! Salam Aidil Fitri to my Muslim pals!