Balik Kampung Ramadhan Yummies at Serena Brasserie, Intercontinental Hotel

Its the time of the year when our Muslim pals fast for the month of Ramadhan. And its certainly brilliant to break fast with delectable kampung style dishes. Serena Brasserie at Intercontinental Hotel (previously known as Nikko Hotel) presents us a Balik Kampung Ramadhan buffet.
I've always related Percik with Ramadhan. Here at Serena Brasserie, I was not disappointed. The Ayam Golek Percik was nice and juicy. It went well with the gravy on the chicken. Not too spicy. Just perfect.
And another must have for Ramadhan is the rendang. Rendang Rampai Darul Makmur is one of the better rendang I have had. The meat remains tender yet well flavoured with the spices that enveloped the meat on the outside and was still present within the meat.
Rabbits are cute. Rabbits are unfortunately quite yummy too. The Arnab Masak Rendang Kuning is a must try if you can get over the rabbit cuteness. Very yummy when you have it with rice. Not limited to white rice, you must try this dish with the Nasi Kerabu Ulaman.
Asam Pedas Kepala Ikan bersama Bendi was one of my favourite for the night. One cant go wrong with a good fish and the assam pedas kuah / gravy. With the just nicely cooked lady's fingers on the side...carbo loading begins!
Kalio Udang Galah Minang Kabal is yummy. The spices went well with the natural sweet taste of the prawn. I must say that this is yet another carbo loading dish because you just want to eat more rice with the gravy that is extra sweet with the prawn juice.
Don't be lazy. Use your hands and have a go at the Ketam Goreng Berempah Bersama Tepung. There is something quite addictive about this dish that you just want to nibble on. Pass through the batter, crack the shell and you'll be rewarded with the sweet crab flesh. Worth using the hands:D
I was apprehensive with Masak Pindang Negeri Sembilan Perut Bersama Rebung Muda. For some folks, rebung (a form of bamboo sprout) does have quite a weird smell to it. However this dish didn't have the strong rebung smell that I would normally run away from.
The Ramadhan buffet spread does not end there. Serena Brasserie offers a wide selection of International dishes at the Live Stations including Arabic delicacies such as Mahmous Rubyan (Shrimp with Garlic and Cilantro), Kebabs and Chicken Molokhia. Indulge in the selection of Indian yummies Tandoori Chicken, Murtabak, Naan, Roti Canai and various hot spicy curries. The Roasted Whole Lamb with Stuffed Nasi Briyani is absolutely irresistible. There is also Pizzas, Pies and Puffs on the carving board. One can also opt for Stir-fried Seafood, Lok-Lok and Assorted Dim Sum at the Oriental Station.
How International can one get without having a Japanese counter? OK...I speak for me, myself and I. But yes the Japanese counter is not too bad. I had fun with the sashimi, oyster and prawns:D
The fruit and desserts station was good. I was rather pleased with the fruit platter. Its always good to break fast with some sweet dates but I personally prefer to break my fast with fruits and the fruit offering looked good. The chocolate fountain too looks fabulous with the side items although I actually prefer fruits with the chocolate fountain (Confession: I took a few fruits from the fruit station and swirled them at the chocolate fountain at the dessert station. Yummy!)
Desserts was a mix of good old fashion local ones including Green Bean with Durian Soup, Pengat Pisang, Malay Kuih, Tapai Pulut and Tapai Ubi. The bubur kacang merah was rich and creamy. You'll be craving for a second bowl. Indulge yourself in the Western cakes and tartlets. So some space for desserts.
And if you're a Muslim, there is a Surau at level 5 for your convenience to complete your Terawih prayers.

Priced at RM95.00 per adult and RM47.50 per child, the Berbuka Puasa ‘Balik Kampung’ is available at Serena Brasserie.

During 1-8 August and 25-30 August 2011, diners enjoy special price at RM80.00 per adult and RM40.00 per child. 20% discounts will be accorded to groups of 40 persons and above. It is only limited to first 20 groups that make reservation with a deposit.

Make your reservations for Serena Brasserie:
T: +60 3 2782 6228

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