A decade of being Mrs Loo

Today Dennis and I celebrate our 10th year wedding anniversary. Yeah a whole decade of love, squabbles, poking and teasing each others. Its been fun:D

Here's some of my fave pics of us over the 10 years. We tend to take goofy have a good laugh!
Camwhoring the Journey Through Time exhibition
During a random sugar high supper
A monochrome pic taken by Mae
Hehehe...but 10 years ago this very day, I lost my wedding ring and found it back. On the steps of Concorde Hotel. How could I do it? Well the ring was loose (I was seriously skinny then) and I was playing with it in the car during our drive from the Marriage Registrar to the hotel for our breakfast with the family. And somehow, it dropped out of my finger when I got out of the car. I was frantic halfway through breakfast when I realised I didn't have my wedding ring! OMG...we drove off with Andy (our best man) and not too far off, my sis calls me "Hey! I found your ring on the steps of the hotellah". Phew! Confession: I still have a habit of fiddling with my ring.
Friends have asked why the flower wedding ring? Truth...I think that's the only one we could find 3 days before our wedding that has a blue sapphire and a ring that also fits my finger! The blue sapphire  (as the Japanese believe) represents the happiness and peace that comes as we start a life together as Mr and Mrs Loo.


  1. HOPE FOR MORE HAPPY DECADES TO COME! Happy anniversary! :D

  2. awwww......... looking forward to your 20th, 30th, 40th, 50th, 60th, 67th, 70th, 80th, 88th, 90th and the 100th anniversary....

  3. happy anni!! Hey i love that flower wedding ring oh :)

  4. Happy 10th anniversary dear! I knw u guys been thru a lot to today!
    So happy to see you guys going strong!

  5. thanx folks:D

    isaac: i had some time getting used to the rather girly ring but now i absolutely adore it:D

  6. Happy Anniversary to you both!

    Looking forward to many more to come.. :D