Gourmandis @ Citta Mall

Gourmandis? I thought it was supposed to be spelled "gourmandise" and means appreciation of good food. Spelling error or not its still pronounced \ˌgu̇r-män-ˈdēz\. And I'll have to add that the folks at Gourmandis certainly appreciate good food and make yummy food.
Gourmandis is quite a pretty sight with its decor. The racing stripe seats caught my eyes. I didn't know till later that the chairs were from one of my car and doggie buddy Alex of Deven Design who makes lovely furniture for restaurants and cafes. The whole ambience of Gourmandis is really cozy. You can also opt to sit outdoors for some alfresco action and if you're a smoker:P
While we waited for Ben the chef to prepare our food, we checked out the drinks. Quite a selection of mocktails, cocktails and alcoholic beverage. Of course you can also have coffee:P

Here's the Pussy Foot which is a mix of Apple Juice, Orange Juice, Milk and Grenadine. Looks awesomely vibrant:D
Blue Lagoon is a good idea for those who like vodka as its a mix of Vodka, Triple Sec & Bols Blue. Of course do tell the waiter your preference if you like your drinks a wee stronger:P
The Cosmopolitan in a petite glass is made of Vodka, Cranberry Juice & Cherry. Nice...and that's because I like Vodka:P
It was Sunday and a Mojito on a cool Sunday evening is a brilliant idea. A mix of rum, mint leaves and lime this was a refreshing drink to have before and after a meal.
Teh Pulau Panjang is a good drink. Each time I hear this drink I will remember a friend of mine who found this drink so brilliantly easy that he got drunk because he lost count of how many glasses he had over dinner. A blend of 6 spirits its not to be taken lightly. what is Teh Pulau Panjang? Long Island Tea! Hehehe
Food arrives....

Potato Skin with chicken. This is one of my faves. The potato skin is crisp but the flesh inside is yummily creamy. The whole works of mashed potato, guacamole, salsa, chicken and sour cream is just so appetising. I was tempted to ask for more but realised that potatoes can be quite filling.
I love pasta and Aglio Olio is one of my faves and regular preparation. Ben tells us that his pasta are good. taste it and I'll know why. I told myself..."OK, we'll see". I did not tell him that I had a certain peculiarity for pasta.

The Crispy Seafood Aglio Olio arrives. Looks brilliant. Can't fault the seafood. They love just right and the smell was gorgeous. Now for The Test! Twirl the pasta. Pop it into my mouth. Awesome. Awesome. Awesome. The pasta was el dente. It was how I liked it. The olive oil was just perfect with the pasta. The seafood made it even better. This is another of my must have when I return soon:D
I also so happen to love pizzas and its a weekly must at home or outside. And I like them thin and crisp. Now when you're at Gourmandis, always order a pizza if you're chatting with pals or watching soccer this soccer season. Its so yummy! Crisp and thin, you have to eat it quickly. See the oozing mozzarella cheese and sweet pineapple from our Hawaiian Pollo Arosto?
Meow...if you like salmon, the Pan Seared Norwegian Salmon here is done just right. The skin is crisp but the flesh is still juicy. Served on a bed of butternut pumpkin and potato, topped with mango salsa, this dish is quite a winner with my hubby who is really quite a cat in the form of a human:P
Want some meat action? Check out the steaks and burger at Gourmandis. The Angus Tenderloin is made to your preference. This is done medium well as requested. Still nice and juicy:D
The Beef Burger is quite brilliant. Check out the grilled meat patty! (I must admit that picture didn't really turn out to show its juiciness...). The melted cheese in the burger is another comforting reason why the burger is so yummy. And the fries had me at first sight. Yes I love fries regardless of whether they are fried or baked. Do check out what gives the fries here some extra ooopmh! The garlic....
Too much western action? Opt for the local menu which is currently being expanded as we speak. We tried the Seafood Fried Loh See Fun. Looks spicy but its actually not. The dried chilly or paprika gives the noodle a very subtle zing that goes real well with the bland noodles.
We had too much too eat and could not cope with the idea of dessert. My stomach rested with the lovely mojito. Hubby and Masako opted for coffee.

Lot G-46 Citta Mall (below Harvey Norman)
No 1 Jln PJU1A/48
Ara Damansara
Petaling Jaya
• Landmark - its on your right side as you drive towards old Subang Airport / Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport (the one you take your Firefly flights)
• Directions - Take road to Subang Airport / Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport.
- Make a U-turn at the exit that leads to Hotel Saujana or Ara Damansara.
- After U-turn keep left.
- Take 1st left where PAW Animal Shelter is.
- Take another immediate left and you will see Citta Mall!


  1. very very nice food pictures :)

  2. The way u describe the pasta can make me drooling, can't imagine how will I act if I really eat that XD

  3. choi yen: now i want to eat that pasta too!

  4. Hi missyblurkit, if I want to use your pictures that you took of the Gourmandis's food & beverages then how much would it be per picture? Let me know as soon as possible. Maybe you can contact me directly via email or phone. Just email me at

  5. lovely place with great ambiance. i was there just a short while ago. they had their official opening today.. for those who lives in Ara Dsara this is a place to look at. its worth your travel elswhere...

  6. don't be deceived by the "very nice food pictures". The penne carbonara was served watery and the staff was not attentive at all.

    credit card facilities were non-existant although credit card logos were placed at the entrance door. should have informed customers before taking our orders. definitely trying to cheat people.

  7. Ya, totally agree with Deb! The service and food there very dissapointed and can be said very bad!