Halal Roast Duck @ Roast Kitchen TTDI

Halal roast duck? I am thinking...surely something will be missing from the taste since good roast duck does need Chinese wine to be ooopmhy. Food adventures are always fun so I happily trotted with supergirl Merryn after our movie for the halal roast duck.

Roast Kitchen is in TTDI. Really easy to find it. The same row as Maxis and Pizza Hut. You wouldn't miss it.
When we walked in, I was greeted with a happy family eating. Yes they are Muslims. OK...This is seriously halal:D
Appetiser arrived first. Yao Char Kwei or fried fritters. I love them with a good cup of hot kopi-o or even a bowl of soya bean. But Yao Char Kwei with Wasabi Sauce? Hmmmm. I didn't know what to expect. It arrived. It was love at first sight. Then love at first bite. Awesome crispy Yau Char Kwei with some black sesame and a liberal amount of not spicy up your nose Wasabi. Nevertheless it was really wasabish! Yummy. I could have a whole plate on my own!
Next came the XO Seafood Fried Rice. All I saw was the seafood rather than the rice. I wanted something spicy! The sotong and the prawn were just nicely cooked with the XO Sauce (which Roast Kitchen concocted themselves so that it remains tasting like XO sauce but Halal!).
I have to confess. I don't quite like the Kam Heong Fried Meehoon. No one's fault. I never really liked Kam Heong much.
The Golden Sand Kueh Teow was unique. If you're none halal like me, you'll know the crunchy shiokness of chee yau char (deep fried pork lard). Here at Roast Kitchen, the chef came out with a creative way of having something similar to the crunchiness of chee yau char but it totally halal. Chicken skin is deep fried then crunched and sprinkled liberally over the noodles. And to make it better, check out the juicy prawns. Yummeh!
Another house special we're told is the Fried Black Pepper Beef Udon. Hmmmm...I like this dish but I wished that the dish didn't taste so sweet and was more black pepperish! The beef was silky and tender though.
I did resort to eating the Fried Black Pepper Beef Udon with Roast Kitchen's magic chilly i.e. their own homemade recipe of Chilly Oil. Yummy...and yes you may buy this home if you like it.
So where is the roast duck? Let's save the best for last!

We had a roast platter of roast duck (of courselah), roast chicken and BBQ chicken (similar to char siew).
Roast chicken was OK. The BBQ chicken was a hit with Ethan. It was sweet and the meat tender (chicken thigh). The roast duck? It was amazing. Yes its good! In teh absence of alcohol, the chefs actually managed to play with the right stock and marinates to achieve the superb taste of roast duck as I know roast duck should be. No stinky smell. Juicy tender meat. This is a must try!
I will return for the roast duck. And now I have Roast Kitchen on my list for my halal pot luck gatherings! Yippeeeee.

Roast Kitchen
23 jalan Wan Kadir,
Taman Tun Dr Ismail
60000 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +603 7732 0006