Home Cooked Ramadhan Favourites at Cinnamon Coffee House, One World Hotel

Yearning home cooked food to break fast this Ramadhan? Head over to Cinnamon Coffee House on the Concourse Level of One World Hotel to satisfy your cravings! Expect yummy as good as ibu's (mummy) dishes including nasi minyak sari shawal, ayam masak rendang raya, ikan tenggiri goreng berlada, nangka muda cili padi dengan tulang ikan masin and many many more.

One of my very favourite is the roast lamb with beriani rice. Juicy succulent lamb with your choice of roast vegetables and fragrant rice. Do request for your choice cuts from the carver there. I opted for the thigh! And a huge lavish scoop of the dhal on my rice and lamb. *burp*
More local delights await including nasi kerabu. Choose from the assorted condiments. Salted egg and the salted fish is a must to go with the nasi kerabu. The simple salty pleasures of life:D
And if you love sambal, you must give the sambal tempoyak and sambal budu a try. The sambal tempoyak is one of the best I have had in quite some time. A little strange for folks and the idea of fermented durian sounds odd enough...but give it a try. Its a wonderful experience for the palate.
Nasi Beriani Gam Johor is quite good here. And I was at a lost of what dishes I wanted with my rice. I took a wee of everything. Thumbs up for their Kari Daging Seri Mersing. Not overly spicy and certainly did not overpower the taste of the beef or rice.
Do not miss out on the Udang Rendang Selat Tebrau. Every sweet juicy prawn is enveloped with the fragrant yummy kerisik and spices. I took 3 pieces and returned for a few more on my subsequent walk around the buffet line.
Its quite an extensive range of food for a Ramadhan break fast buffet. Very typical of Cinnamon Coffee House that is one of the better places to go for buffets in town if you want to be spoiled for choice.

There's a counter for Indian and Malaysian favourites. Choose from the different breads, rice and curries. Local Malaysian favourites such as satay, fried rice and char kueh teow is quite popular with some of the guests! You may also choose your own fish for some ikan bakar action!
Chinese food includes local favourites such as stir fried vegetables, steam fish with ginger, yong tau foo and even dim sum.
And if you love prawns, you must try the Wok Fried Prawn with Salt & Szechuan Pepper. Yes this is another addictive dish that I returned for a second helping.
And what is chinese without soup? Check out the soup for the day. On this day I had turnip chicken soup which was really soothing at the end of some heavy makan session. Quite a strange idea to have chinese soup with bread butter but yet, I did just that.
How to say no to the very delightful looking breads.?
I walked until the end of the buffet line to be rewarded with what I call a keropok and papadam "buffet". This are all addictive and if you're staying back for a chat with your pals, nibble on these yummy chips!
Its been ages since I had ketupat pulut hitam. Most places serve ketupat palas, lemang or the regular ketupats. Here they had ketupat pulut hitam. Look good eh? Taste real good and its a must if you've not tasted this! Have it on its own or eat it with the serunding (meat floss).
For those craving an International flavour, check out the Japanese counter. An assortment of sushi, sashimi and cold salads. What's amazing is the freshness of the oysters. It was a "hot" counter with people coming for plate full of oysters!
International also includes Italian that you can opt for pizzas or pastas. Do note that the pizza counter is not with the pasta station. A wee strange but its good to walk around if we're going to be eating from every station.
The dessert offering is fabulous! Choose from the wide variety of "everything"
Since its Ramadhan, check out their Raya cookies and snacks. Amazingly amazing. It was almost like sitting at my friend's home with home made Raya goodies.
Buffet dinner at Cinnamon Coffee House:
• 6:30p.m. to 10:30p.m.
• Adults RM108++
Children RM54++ (aged 4-12 years)
• For reservations, call +603 7681 1157
For your convenience, there is a Surau available for Muslims to pray after they break fast.

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