Samsung GALAXY Tab 10.1 is in town!

The much awaited Samsung GALAXY Tab 10.1 has finally hit the Malaysian streets.
Celcom Axiata Berhad partnered with Samsung Malaysia Electronics to launch the Samsung GALAXY Tab 10.1 this morning. In conjunction with the launch of the tablet, there are 3 attractive promotions for the public tomorrow 20th August 2011:
• The first 300 customers at The Piazza @ The Curve are entitled to buy the Samsung GALAXY Tab 10.1 at only RM999 (n/p RM1899). From that 300 customers, there will be 20 randomly selected lucky customers who will be able to buy it at only RM99 (Ringgit Malaysia Ninety Nine only)! Sales starts at 10am so you hurry over to line up NOW!
First 50 customers at Queensbay Mall in Penang will be able to buy the Galaxy Tab 10.1 at RM999
First 50 customers at Celcom Branch at Jalan Kempas in Johor Bahru will be able to buy the Galaxy Tab 10.1 at RM999.

All Samsung GALAXY Tab 10.1 purchases will be bundled with Celcom's broadband plans as listed in Celcom's website.

The Samsung GALAXY Tab 10.1 will be retailed at all Blue Cube outlets beginning 20th August from as low as RM1,468 instead of RM1,899 when consumers subscribe to Celcom's broadband packages as per their website.

Now I had the opportunity to play around with the Samsung GALAXY Tab 10.1 for a week. It was fun. Extra fun as hubby and I didn't have to fight over our iPad. And this came with a camera which I thought would be good since I loved taking pictures of what I eat. A larger screen of 10.1" WXGA 1280x800 was also good as I can surf in comfort versus the iPhone 3GS or even my Nokia E7.
The TFT LCD screen was good. Good for surfing the net. Was superb for watching YouTube videos. Such clarity and the audio is really good too. And if you love e-books, this screen has you quite addictively reading on and on.
The 3 Mega Pixel camera is quite disheartening per se. But for the final results...OKlah. You can actually see it from the following videos that I shot during the day and night during our recent getaway with the furkids and pals to A Famosa.
Photos are not too bad too. The night ones were of course not happening...but I reckon for its convenience of all in 1...its not bad for RM1,899.
day pics
night pics

food pics in yellow light restaurant is quite acceptable:D
Surfing the net or blogging or running through your mails on the go is easy with screen and option of your keyboard. Of course accessories like the bluetooth keyboard will make it even easier:D
nice and wide for big fingers like hubby's
nice and small for petite people like me.
Battery life is something that I took some time to fiddle around. Do adjust the settings so that it carries you through a movie marathon. I am told I can watch a movie marathon for 9 hours. I of course have not tried that as I think it'll kill me to be glued to any screen:P

One bit I loved was being able to upload my pictures (yummy ones) on the go. Fun! Must remember I own the iPad rather than the iPad2.
My major quips?
• Transferring my pictures to my MacBook was quite a pain. I had to do picture by picture. No bulk transfer possible (Correctly me if I am wrong please). Sigh. But all is really not too bad as I could track the transfers as to which had failed. I only needed to resend the ones that were marked "The request cannot be handled correctly".
• No USB ports!

Is it worth buying?
• Good buy at RM1,499 with Celcom broadband packages only if you do not have a tablet. I have my iPad so I will just live with it:D---> BUY (only if you don't own a tablet)
• At 565grammes it is the weight of a cup of coffee or a small bottle of mineral water.---> BUY
• 10.1" WXGA TFT LCD screen is nice and clear.---> BUY
• 8.6mm thin, it fits into most handbags readily and is barely there (without casing).---> BUY
• Polaris Office allows you to edit and view Microsoft Office documents anywhere and anytime. ---> BUY
• Wifi and 3G enabled.---> BUY
• Surround sound stereo speakers is great for movies.---> BUY
• 7700mAh battery last longer than iPad2 6600mAh battery.---> BUY

So from a not too technical person here ...hurry over to the 3 places mentioned above NOW to queue for the offer of RM999 on Saturday 20th August 2011. For all you know you may well be the lucky 20 in Klang Valley to buy it for RM99 only. Good luck!


  1. so nice get to play around with it before the release! haha.. seems cool, i guess all tablets are almost the same - different OS. :)

  2. quite fun to play. but perhaps i am a wee to accustomed to the mac and iPad that anything else seems messy:P