Saying Hello to Mr Peeping Tom

The last couple of weeks, we noted that there was a peeping tom opposite my apartment block. Always on the top floor of the opposite block starring across with his binoculars. When we switched on our lights to get a better sight of him (which now I realise I should not be doing so), he would either evade or hide.

Last night (Wednesday 3rd August), we opted to remain as is i.e. putting out our clothes to dry in the dark when we noted him and his binoculars. I called the guardhouse and 2 guards were dispatched to where he was. True enough, Mr Peeping Tom was discovered there with his binoculars. I arrived soon after with my hubby. We called the police and waiting till they arrived 10 minutes later.

The man was defiant at all times. He insisted that the binoculars was not illegal. Had it been illegal, then he wouldn't be able to buy it. However what was illegal or wrong is the fact that he was using the binoculars to peep at people from another block. He claimed to be admiring the scenery. But really the only scenery you can get from the emergency staircase was really the opposite block, the swimming pool below and the Sungai Besi Highway. Mr Peeping Tom who also stays in Block B has a unit that has a superb view of KL skyline including KL Tower, KLCC, Sungai Besi Airport and the Sungai Besi Highway. What "scenery" was he really looking at?

Tuesday 2nd August (or precisely Wednesday 1230am) this very same peeping Tom was stuck in the lift of Block C. Strangely, what was a resident of Block B doing in Block C at that time of the night? He claimed he wanted to come over to watch fireworks! And what occassion would it warrant fireworks on that time and date?

The security team and a management personnel confirmed that they have seen Mr Peeping Tom walking around with his binoculars. They did not ask him why but they took note of this strange man and his binoculars. And last night when the guards got hold of him, it was the same man with binoculars that they have seen walking around!

Here's a pic of Mr Peeping Tom. Cops from the police station in Old Klang Road where we were confirmed that they could clearly see things across the police station when they used his binoculars. Police station is on a slight hill with 6 car lanes and some mini land between the police station and the nearest building across the station
And here's pics of the said sceneries from where he was standing yesterday. The guard standing in the picture is in the position of where we saw the man with the binoculars.
Now...these are the sceneries that the peeping Tom can see from his unit of Block B that oversees KL skyline. The fact last night was rather hazy / cloudy, this is what he could see.
And on a clear day, this is what he can see from his apartment! No need to resort to standing at the emergency staircase right? The simple illustration obviously shows that Mr Peeping Tom was after a scenery!
Lessons learnt:
• Have your guardhouse number in your phone as one of the speed dials.
• Have the nearest police station number in your phone as one of the speed dials.
• Bring a camera along to take pictures at the crime scene (I learnt this during an accident when someone hit my ride)
• Take pictures with your handphone discreetly when you can.
• Be friends with your neighbours. (Thanx Prudence)
• Insist on making your police report even if the cops tell you to settle for "bincang" i.e. discussion.


  1. that's the real peeping tom's pic? he doesn't seem like a weirdo tho.. :/

    maybe he's just lonely.. staying alone?
    anyway, good thing you took action.. who knows what he might do next! Peep with a sniper scope? :P

  2. stays with a male friend and he has a dog.

  3. Good stuff Eve! Just had a chat with Dennis about Mr Peeping Tom.