Yummy Back Lane ~~> Gerai Makan Japanese BBQ

I love my neighbourhood Taman Desa for its yummy food. And when Gerai Makan Japanese BBQ opened, it was yet another reason why I will continue staying in Taman Desa.

Hidden in the back lanes of the shoplots its a nice airy wide space. Perfect for Yakiniku 焼き肉 (grilled meat) time! And be prepared that you will hear quite a bit of Japanese mutterings from the clients who are largely Japanese.

Choose from a wide range of pork and beef including spare parts such as tongue, liver, stomach, intestine and more...But I've always just stayed off the spare parts (unless we have friends with us) since hubby isn't into it:P Over the many sessions we have had there our faves were the pork belly, pork shoulder and inside leg. The beef is also a must have. And needless to say order a plate of vegetables to BBQ too. BBQ onions and carrots are very yummy and sweet.
You can either opt to BBQ the food yourself or the friendly and attentive staff will gladly do it for you. In my case, hubby is always playing chef at BBQ unless car pals like Brandon or Lawrence were around coz then his focus is car talk rather than cooking.
2 must try here are the Japanese Risotto. It also acts well as a filler if you crave carbohydrates. It arrives boiling hot. Quickly mix the egg mixture with the fluffy rice well. I like this Risotto before I have my BBQ. Its really appetising!
Another must have is Genghis Khan. A dish of its own with vegetables and lamb, you can eat this on its own or order a bowl of rice with it. This is also a good dish to have while waiting for your BBQ to cook especially when you have a big group of friends around.
Your BBQ session looks like this:
And your cooked meats look like this. The meats are good on it own. Or is you wish, then dip into their magic sauces as well:D
And when you're done eating and would like to chill, enjoy the free flow of green tea and chat on over some edamame. Alternatively have some beer, Guinness or even sake!
I have to admit that the whole experience of eating here is really fun. Love the grill and the whole works. Its quite a nice sight to see them preparing the fire for the BBW session.
Gerai Makan Japanese BBQ
Center Court Plaza Faber
Jalan Desa Jaya
Taman Desa off Jalan Klang Lama
Kuala Lumpur
• Landmark - behind Secret Recipe Fisherman's Wharf (green coloured pub) (updated 13th September 2012)
- hungry boys like these Damien and Ruben


PS: Shalom loves this place simply because we order a plate or more of pork for her that we BBQ. No beef as the beef are marinated.
PS2: This place is owned by the same folks of brilliant Sanuki Udon! If you want good udon...its got to be Sanuki Udon also in Taman Desa.


  1. the meat does look good. I'm sure it's delicious. You're so lucky to be near such good food as these XD

  2. seem like a great place but I hardly venture to that area >.<

  3. choi yen: make a date we go eatlah...

  4. wow jap bbq is awesome! but i have never heard of plaza faber although i live near there


  5. fish: faber tower is the tall building. faber plaza are the shop lots. its behind 7-11 and secret recipe.