AXN The Challenger Muay Thai

The Challenger Muay Thai is on. And if you love Muay Thai or kickboxing like I do, then this is a must watch! A reality competion series set and filmed in Malaysia, 16 world class fighters will fight it out for the ultimate Muay Thai World Champion and a grand prize of USD100,000.
Met the fighters in person during their launch. Everyone has their own character and attraction. Can't wait to catch every episode as the show unveils.
Expect entertainment, raw emotion, intense fights and more with the progression of each fight night . All 16 fighters have been hand-picked from around the world by by renowned Muay Thai personality and Vice President of the World Muay Thai Council, Stephan Fox. As host of the series and with over 30 years of experience under his belt, Fox is also the mentor to the fighters.

Each week, the fighters will be subjected to a rigorous bout of training from their two trainers Hanarong and Nugget, revolving around the ‘weapon of the week’. These include spiritual ideals such as respect and fearlessness, as well as focusing on each component of their body, their natural weapon in the context of Muay Thai.
Who will rise to the challenge and emerge as the Muay Thai World Champion? Who will overcome all odds and walk away with USD100,000? How will my fave fighters Vuyisile Colossa "The Cheetah", Frank Giorgi "The Italian Stallion", Pidsanu Kunchat "Mardsua", Pinto Antoine "The Phenom or even our Malaysian talent Mohd Faizal Bin Ramli "Golden Elbow" fare? Catch it all on AXN (Astro channel 701) and AXN HD (Astro B.yond channel 721) every Thursday at 10pm!
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Here's some terminology that will come handy while you watch The Challenger Muay Thai:
General Terms
• Muay Thai - Thai Boxing, Muay means “boxing”
• Wai Kru - The ceremonial warm-up dance Thai boxers do before competition. Ram means “dance,” Muay means “boxing” The Wai Kru also acts as a warm-up stretch for all the limbs used in Muay Thai.
• WMC - World Muay Thai Council
• IFMA - International Federation of Muay Thai Amateur

Competition Terminology
• Nak Muay - Thai boxer
• Ao! Jai !Sai! - Ready to fight or pay attention
• Andap - Rating
• Champ - Champion
• Chok - Fight
• Book - Attack
• Jang wa - Timing and rhythm
• Yok - Round
• Fet Rao - K.O.
• Gamagang - The referee
• Yaek - Break or separate. Referee.
• Yud - When he wants the fighters to separate
• Dadsin - Stop - used by the referee
• Gaan Dasin - To judge or to decide something
• Faidaeng - Judging
• Fainamnerng - The red corner of the Muay Thai ring
• Koo Ek - The blue corner of the Muay Thai ring


  1. This muay thai show by AXN ah... must be a really grand show i supposed. I was somehow interested to join muay thai... haha... looks like now might be a very good time :D

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