Hi Tea Yummies @ Green Treats Cafe

I love meetings. I love coffee sessions. I love canapes and little bites. And when you marry all these elements together, its just a perfect day out. And definitely a perfect day for work.
Recently met up with some business associates at Green Treats Cafe at Swiss Garden Hotel for a discussion. We each took our comfort seat, ordered our drinks and then we realised..."hey there's a hi tea thingy going on". Brilliant! Since it meant we could talk over coffee and some munchies all in a relaxed ambience. No need to business chat to a hungry stomach.
Illy coffee and 3 tier goodies is just awesome. You can opt for tea too if that if you cup of tea (literally). There was macaroons for my macaroon kakis. Yummy scones for me...and cupcakes, cheese cakes, canapes of a few sorts. Perfect!
Scones. Fluffy inside with lots of fresh cream and some strawberry jam on it. Sinfully sweet and rich...the tea or coffee of your choice would wash it down just nicely:D
And since we were talking business, the wifi came in handy for us to check our mails (and tweet a little). This is also brilliant when I want to hop off somewhere for a cozy hi tea with my besties or even hubby:D For those who love to read or catch up with the good old fashion magazines, Green Treats Cafe has quite a good selection to last you for hours. Look who got caught up with a magazine? Sweetie pie Esty.
So here you go...
Green Treats Cafe @ Swiss Garden Hotel

And I discovered that they have a promotion with the fun folks at Everyday. Check it out:


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