Nyonya Delicacies at The Tranquerah

Nyonya food is colourful. Nyonya food is flavourful. I am not a Nyonya like pal Merryn but I have learnt to like Nyonya food after a good experience at The Tranquerah at Encorp Strand. And Merryn the Nyonya said it was good...hearing it from a fellow foodie who is a Nyonya, it has got be good. Right?

What striked me was that the decor at The Tranquerah was gorgeous. And it certainly did stand out from the crowd of the other food outlets at Encorp Strand which I saw when I was invited to the launch of Encorp Strand. Its cozy and very welcoming. That I think set a good ambience to the nyonya feel. And I told myself "Let's see how food goes".
So food talk...

Top Hats or Pie Tee is so Nyonya that it makes no sense not to try a Nyonya food that is symbolically Nyonya". The hats are nice and crisp (I have tasted awful "masuk angin" or soft hats) and are filled with very well flavoured stir fried turnip which is soft to bite. One thing I liked about the turnip here is that it is not overly salty. This is very easy on our palate making it a brilliant appetizer.
Ayam Pongteh is classic Nyonya must have. A stew of chicken and potato cooked with herbs and spice till tender, this dish went well with all of us. It was brilliant with kids that night. And when eaten with ythe sambal belacan served on the side, this dish is simply appetising! The gravy was creamy from the potatoes and is another God given reason to order another bowl of rice like what my on a diet hubby precisely did. He could not resist the Ayam Pongteh.
Another very yummy must have is the Nyonya Fried Chicken. Marinated with some magic spices and gently deep fried, we have juicy meat and flavourful skin. And even if you don't eat chicken skin, the flesh is still flavourful marinade.
Like curry chicken? Then The Tranquerah's Nyonya Curry Chicken cooked with fresh coconut milk is such a lovely dish to have. The chicken is cooked till tender and has absorbed the spices that went into the curry paste / powder. The potatoes are lovely, soft and creamy. Yes! Making this yet another "evil" carbo loading dish.
Still on a chicken note, Alan recommended that we must also try their Ayam Sioh. Sweet, tangy and rich in spices, this is a semi dry dish. Not gravy rich like the other 2 dishes but its still flavourful enough to go with white rice.
Mummy says "Always eat your vegetables" and we opted for Kangkung Goreng Sambal Belacan. The dish came fresh green crisp (that means freshly cooked rather than pre-cooked like some other places). Not overly spicy so it makes quite a good dish.
Another way of getting around the "Always eat your vegetables", we had Sambal Udang Petai. Stinky bean petai is a love hate relationship thingy and I absolutely adore it. The juicy fleshy prawn went superbly with the petai.
And if you're at the The Tranquerah and if you have had the Ikan Sumbat Cincaru, this stuffed fish with the home made secret recipe sambal is simply orgasmic. And even as I write this post, I am reminded of being awoken by my dream of this Ikan Sumbat Cincaru. Its good enough to eat on its own or simply have it with a bowl of steamy hot rice. *Lips smacking*
Cincaluk Omelette anyone? Merryn wanted it and I am glad she did because it was yummy. Creamy omelette with the salty cincaluk is very appetising. Can I have more rice please?
Nyonya kuehs or cakes are often very colourful. I must admit I loved the colourful cakes. Sweet, but they were wonderful after a full meal.

While we were there...guess who celebrated her birthday? Gorgeous sweet Emily with a lovely LV cake by the brilliant folks at Big Boys Oven. Happy birthday Emily:D
Here's Aunty Florence and Alan...say hi to them when you're there OK?
So whatcha waiting for? Head there for your Nyonya food fix.
62A-G, Red Carpet Avenue
Encorp Strand, Jalan PJU5/22
Kota Damansara, 47810, Petaling Jaya
Tel: 603 - 6142 4106


  1. Ondeh favorite!

  2. This place is gorgeous! would love to try out one day
    and Evelyn, you have been given an award - by ME! drop by my blog to pick up your award ok?

  3. thanx shannon:D

    geraldine: i love ondeh ondeh too...and that's one of the few times i would eat dessicated coconut!

  4. the pongteh here is similar to my Mom's cooking, what more can I say? And the sambal belacan is YUMS!!