RM1 Dim Sum @ Di Wei

RM1 Dim Sum?

Got together wit some buddies and we had some RM1 dim sum. Yes you read it right. RM1 dim sum at Di Wei to celebrate the 1st birthday of Empire Hotel.
There was a choice of 4 types of dim sum to choose from for its quite a natural response to choose all especially when I was seriously hungry when we arrived as my set of cutlery tells you:P
Our Steamed Shanghainese Dumpling arrived in individual bowls. Each dumpling nestled on a bed of spinach (my fave vegie), it looked delightfully yummy and cute. Eat it as soon as it arrives! Feel the explosion of soup and meat in your mouth. Juicy! The spinach went well with the whole its really not just decoration purposes. My only complain is that the skin was a wee thick for my personal liking. Regular price at RM9 for 3 pieces and now at RM1, I can have many many pieces of this yummy dumplings.
The Pan fried Meat Bun RM9 for 3 pieces is also available for the RM1 special. Every bun is delicately fried only on the base while the rest of the bun is soft and tender. The whole experience of the slightly crisp base with the soft skin and the meat within is a good play of textures and flavours.
What is a dim sum session without any Char Siew Pow? At Di Wei, the Steamed Bun With Barbeque Pork is available for RM1 (Regular Price RM7.50 for 3 pieces) is quite good. I wished that the meat stuffing would have been more though:P

Steamed Mini Custard bun with Salted Egg is one of my fave must haves whenever we have dim sums. Break the bun into half and look at the wonderful oozing custard ooze out. Now bite into it. Yummy....lick off the extras from your fingers. Its such as waste to waste the custard! Regular price is RM6 and now for this limited time only...RM1 for 3 pieces!
yummy rich custard!
The above special offer of RM1 is only available via before it expires. Hurry to buy your coupons for your next dim sum lunch. You can buy up to 30 coupons and use all your coupons in one go. Superb deal isn't it?

And while your at Di Wei, give their other dishes a try.

If you love mushrooms, a must try is the Fried Honshimeji Mushroom with Fungus and Chinese Rice Wine (RM16). The mushrooms are so well favoured. Not too hard and not too soft...just right. The chinese rice wine indeed brought out the best of the mushroom and fungus. Yummy!
And if you're a soup person like me and in this current hazy hot weather, a soup will do all of us good...then order the Double Boiled Fresh Ginseng Soup with Glutinous Rice (RM45). Hehehe...yes the glutinous rice in the soup gave the soup a slightly nutty taste that went well with the sweetness of the spring chicken and fresh ginseng ~ very comforting soup. The soup is light...not overpowering with ginseng. For some this may be a tad light but I believe the chef must have kept it light so its palatable for everyone.
What's inside?
The goodness of spring chicken and the ginseng:D
Another yummy have here is the Chilled Japanese Bean Curd with Tobiko and Oyster Sauce (RM16). Placed in a spoon, this delicate dish is best taken in one whole mouth (which obviously doesn't work for me). So I cut it into half and ensure that bite had the tobiko and oyster sauce. A very simple but nevertheless yummy dish!
4 on a plate and I can easily have all 4 to myself!
Stir fried Shanghai Glutinous Rice Cake with Shredded Pork and Preserved Vegetables (RM32) is also another must try. The salty vegetables gave the slightly chewy glutinous rice the oomph...this is so yummy that I was half tempted to forget my table manners and lick my bowl clean:D
I am a sucker for pumpkin and tofu and absolutely loved the Braised Whole Abalone with Bean Curd in Pumpkin Gravy (RM10). Under the aabalone was a yummy soft flavourful bean curd. And when you eat it with the creamy pumpkin sauce (they use Butternut Pumpkin) its yummeeeeeeeeeh
I'm not much of a deep fried or fried food person. However if you feel like having some fried stuff (or have friends or loved ones) who'll like to have some fried dishes for lunch, then the Deep Fired Chicken served with Mustard Sauce (RM14) is a good recommendation. The meat inside is flavourful and tender. Dab a little into the mustard sauce for a twist to the fried chicken.
The Deep Fried Prawn with Cheese, Salt and Pepper (RM42) is also a good recommendation. Every prawn is enveloped wit a light batter and when you bite into it, your palette is greeted by sweet juicy prawn with a swoosh of cheese, salt and pepper kick. And for many, once you start on one piece, its hard to stop eating as its quite a yummy nibble for many!
Di Wei is tucked in a quieter corner of 1st Floor Empire Shopping Mall. Landmark is Popular Book Shop and its facing the escalator. Alteratively you may also enter from Empire Hotel itself. For reservations or details, please call +603 5565 1268 or +603 5565 1388.


I do love the warm interior especially the lanterns and the pictures. Lovely isn't it?


  1. yes one of my faves....a good buy for RM1!

  2. Bought the voucher but when trying to call to make reservation nobody pick up the call >.<

  3. the deal is super hot now, but pity its only for 4 dishes (all baos) ><

  4. super hot indeed but its money's worth. the other dishes not too expensive:D

  5. I bought 20 vouchers, i called for booking they said FULLY booked liao.. OMG! .. how ah?

  6. masako: fully booked? but the voucher can use till december wor.

  7. They said weekend and PH FULLY Booked.. Funny betul...

  8. Lucky got RM1 voucher/per dish, but unlucky to use it ... cause fully booked lieh!

  9. hmmm...seems strange.

    buzz them again when the usage period starts. i think maybe competitor buat kacau:P

  10. Dear value guest,

    Good day to you. I am so sorry to inform you that our restaurant current is fully occupied during the weekend and public holiday from September until December.

    I will leave you in our waiting list and definitely I will contact you in two days advances if any reservation cancellation from others guests.

    Besides we would highly appreciate if you could rearrange your schedule into weekday due to the expire of the coupons.

    We are apologies for the inconvenience caused, Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries about your booking.

    Thank you for your valuable support.

    Shanish Tang
    Assistant Manager
    EMPIRE HOTEL Executive Office

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