Hangover...ain't exactly what I fancy after a drinking session. However if it does happen...I'll just down lots of watermelon juice, grab some milk thistle and head to bed.

However what I have in mind now is not the hangover after drinks. This new track by Taio Cruz featuring Flo Rida is playing in my head almost non stop. Addictive! And for my pals who are nursing a hangover...enjoy this MTV and then go grab your rest. your liver!


  1. isaac: thanx...couldn't help but to put up this post after this song kept playing in my head when i was chatting a girlfriend who's nursing a major hangover. LOL.

  2. Phewww!!! For awhile there I really thought you had that sort of hangover. Not after your recent stint in the hospital Girl! Luckily it wasn't you ... good girl!

  3. wenny: mwahaha...not me but my girlfriend. lol