Hot Gossip!

Hot Gossip!

Is that what we call when we catch up with friends? This post is a new spot that we discovered and love. Convenience since we can assemble for a meal before we head off to the nearby malls to shop till we drop. So there we were on a random Sunday, meeting up with pals over our coffee, tea, sandwiches, chocolates, cheese and even rojak at Hot Gossip in Parkroyal Hotel downtown.

Sunny Sunday morning must be greeted with cheery sounding food and drinks. I opted for the Spanish Cucumber and Vanilla Latte. It sounded happy...and I was a happy girl when I sipped it. Refreshing cucumber (not green cucumber taste...) with coffee. Hot and yummy it put a wide smile to my face.
A whole long list of drinks we all ordered different drinks of our choice.Some opted for something healthier e.g. the Exotic Watermelon Smoothie or even a good cup of tea. 
Watermelon Smoothie
A good cup of tea
Hot chocolate in the form of Caramel Chocolate on a Sunday is also a good idea.
This is the Hawaian Blue Coffee. 
Yes this is also the Hawaian Blue Coffee after you have stirred it:P
Interestingly, we all loved the sugar sticks. They looked pretty. Pretty and inviting that some have resorted to drinking tea with sugar for a change thanks to the sweet looking sugar sticks. Caution! Do not dip it too long into your drink since it rather sweet:P
Kicked start with a healthy option. Yogurt with some mixed fruits was absolutely good. As good as we serve it at home.

Sandwiches time. There were so many to choose from. And since it was quite a bunch of us, we happily ordered what the kind waiters recommended us.

Curry Egg Mayo Sandwich was creamy and satisfying. Almost as good as mummy's but with a twist of curry powder. Nothing spicy but just fragrant, perfect even for kids.

On a note of adventure, the Chicken Tandoori Sandwich was interesting. Ignore the look because it is super deceiving. The chicken is actually succulent and with a little yogurt on it, this is another good healthy option.

What is a sandwich unless we have a tuna sandwich? OK...this is me. I love tuna sandwiches and I think tuna sandwiches are a must have at any decent place that serves sandwiches. Here we have a refreshing Thai Tuna Sandwich which is definitely infused with light Thai flavours.

Chicken Cilantro Sandwich was something new to me. It looked very inviting. I remember my mouth salivating when I looked at it. A play of spices and herbs with shredded chicken, this make a wholesome sandwich for meat lovers.
If one loves crabs, then the creamy Crab Mayo sandwich would be a good idea.

Pies and Sundays are just as brilliant as sandwiches and Sundays. Each pie that we tried came with a rich crispy pastry and a generous portion of toppings. Awesome!

I love Irish stews and was glad to see Irish Stew Pie on the menu. Yes obviously we had to order it then. Yes, Irish Stew is one of my all time comfort food. A hearty pie of minced lamb and chunky vegetables, this is a perfect meal on its own if I were to eat alone.

Another strong pie would be the Beef and Mushroom Pie. Chunky meat with tender vegetables in a sweet sour gravy, this is quite an appetizing pie.

Chicken with Green Peas Pie is much lighter in taste than the above 2. Creamy with tender chicken bites, this is yet another comfort pie that goes well with a good cup of tea.

I saw some cheese when we walked in. And I told myself the cheese will make good nibbles for us while we chat. So here we are a platter of assorted cheese. Love the blue cheese. Yes I love blue cheese:D

Another great nibble would be rojak. The rojak here is simply awesome. Satisfying prawn paste with a generous topping of peanuts, this is almost as good as my favourite rojak in Penang.
I was filled with the above and was simply surprised when some pals still had the room for more food. These never made into my stomach but they certainly look good.

Curry Puff with a good crust.

Special Curry Puff which has spices on the crust itself.

A healthy Sausage Roll with lots of black and white sesame.
Say hello to the Apple and Raisin Danish that looks like a smile with eyes being the Banana Danish:D

There's even more available but how much can 7 persons eat? We shall return for more cakes, pastries, chocolates and the long list of sandwiches. Haha let's not forget the coffees and teas too.

Hot Gossip
Parkroyal Kuala Lumpur
T: +603 2147 0088
Open daily from 8a.m to 10p.m.