International Buffet @ Terazza Brasserie, Grand Dorsett

Buffets aren't really my cup of tea. But a pal told me "Its international. You'll love it". So there we were on a Tuesday evening ready to go Mexican. I must confess that I have not really done much Mexican before so I was kinda excited. I felt a little like Speedy Gonzales. I was a wee disappointed none of the staff wore Mexican but I was quick to forget since food was brilliant! It wasn't just about variety (with each of thematic for the day, they will still have some local and other International delicacies to add to the variety factor. Brilliant right?) I loved the quality and I think that is what matters!

Seafood on ice. They were definitely generous and fresh. No complains of tummyaches etc from any of my buddies.
salmon is always welcomed

fresh oysters are a must:D
Cheese were quite plentiful too...
Salads of every kind and interestingly was the oyster shooters. Every glass had a few oysters in it. Interesting! Add a squeeze of lemon or more tabasco if that is your kind of tea.
Potato salad
Grilled bell peppers

Grilled tomatoes with feta cheese
Seafood salad
Oyster shooters
A not to be missed is the Roasted Rib Eye. Succulent and hot from the oven, this was a camping ground for some of us:P
The pasta here were yummy. Done just el dente, they can prepare it in various preparation as you wish. This makan buddies of ours opted for bolognese, aglio olio and cabonara. The cabonara was superbly rich! And I tell myself that I must return when they run their Italian promotion on Thursdays.
pasta station
Aglio Olio
Before I forget...the pumpkin cappuccino was yummy. Some of us went back for our second helping. And coupled with their fresh breads that was one of the better ones we have seen in buffets, this is a good reason to start carbo loading during dinner:P
A comforting pumpkin cappuccino with good bread does wonders after a crazy Tuesday
Freshly baked fluffy tomato foccacia
Sushi anyone? Yes there is Japanese for a good variety too. Awesome maximus!
Some hot food action inside the claypot and trays include:
lo hon cai

Rosemary Potato with Garlic, Rosemary and Pimento
Assorted Vegetables
So where's the Mexican? Here's some of it.
this charred prawn is yummy!
Mexican Layered Dip
Chi Chi Seafood Enchilada
Cornmeal Polo
Spanish Beef & Chicken Kebab
Smoked Salmon Quesadilas
Seafood Aji-Lio

Grilled Cajun Snapper with Almond Red Sauce
Mexican Pilaf Rice
The desserts were happening. I remember a pal who hit the dessert booth before anything else. And you'll be amazingly pampered with both local and Western desserts.

As if desserts weren't enough, we had ice cream to contend ourselves with. And also a whole selection of fresh fruits. One should always be imaginative. Why limit fresh fruits to where they are? Bring them over to the chocolate fountain:D I discovered chocolate fondue goes really well with dragon fruits and watermelon!
succulent sweet strawberries
So there you go...for some International themed buffet in Subang, head over to Terazza Brasserie at the Grand Dorsett Hotel. Thanx to makan and craft buddy Merryn, I can now share with you the different themes for each day.
Meanwhile, do take advantage of the promotions:
• [Sunday - Thursday ONLY] Enjoy 55% Off "Cuisines From Around The World" International Buffet Dinner @ Terazza Brasserie, Grand Dorsett Hotel for RM45nett

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  1. U r definitely a cheese monster! Look at the amount of cheese pics shown!!

  2. wow, i think i'd be satisfied with the mexican selection alone! it looks like it focuses on seafood, but there's still enough meat & carbs to keep everyone happy :D

  3. sean: yeah the mexican was shiokalingam! that and the breads and pastas. *happy*