Lazy and Looking Good Don't Go Hand in Hand

Its not easy being a female. We need to look good. We need to look presentable. I have to admit that I do many times love to take it the easy makeup, put on a cap, wear my sunnies and put on my sloppy comfy lazy clothes. Why? Comfort is one reason. Lazy is the main reason. And I reckon the sunnies and hat or cap will make me unrecognisable. wrong I am. I still get recognised and I get recognised in an almost not lady like or not proper manner.

I was glad that I sat in for a fun 2 hours talk organised by Head & Shoulders recently who believe that everyone is beautiful and as such put together a short workshop for the media. Sharing their personal tips on how to look gorgeous (even on lazy days) were Dato' Nancy Yeoh the CEO of Stylo International, talented Chelsia Ng and stylist Shawn Cutler. The 2 hours went past really fast and certainly Head & Shoulders had chosen them for a good reason. The 3 were gorgeous. And all 3 were very fun people who shared their know hows on how to look good generously!
Some areas covered included choosing the correct outfit for our body shape, wearing the correct colours, choosing the correct accessories and my favourite one "Make the Effort to Look Good" where by we simply can't be lazy about looking good.
And when we are all dress correctly, our hair matters! Dato' Nancy, Chelsia and Shawn shared that it all boils down to basic taking care of our hair that matters. And certainly these 3 are the correct people to say it and we listen. Look at Dato' Nancy's hair. Its so gorgeous. Despite the colouring and chemical treatments, her hair looks good (I must admit I was very mesmerized with her hair swaying around during the 2 hours session). Chelsia looked equally gorgeous with her stark black hair. Even Shawn for a guy is all groomed (lesson learnt: men must be well groomed too).

Lil tips were shared and the most basic I learnt was to ensure that my scalp was clean. One must wash with the right shampoo and it really does not matter how expensive. Most importantly is to shampoo correctly and to nourish our scalp and hair follicles after the chemical, heat and chlorine abuses that we subject our hair to (I am guilty of all 3).

I must admit that despite my rather thick hair, I am losing quite a bit of hair which is very noticeable when I shampoo. So armed with the Head & Shoulders Anti Hair Fall range of shampoo, hair conditioner and scalp treatment, I made myself the guinea pig for a month. The effects were surprisingly not too bad. I no longer needed to shampoo my hair daily as my scalp was not as oily and itchy as before (unless I run or take a dip in the pool).

I absolutely love the scalp treatment. It did feel a tad oily on the fingers. But when I massaged it gently into the scalp, it rinsed off very easily. No residue whatsoever. And for the price of the products, I will say that the range of Anti Hair Fall range is a good buy with good results.
• Head & Shoulders Anti-Hair Fall Shampoo for Men 200ml --- RM 11.50
• Head & Shoulders Anti-Hair Fall Shampoo for Women 200ml --- RM 11.50
• Head & Shoulders Anti-Hair Fall Conditioner for Women 200ml --- RM 11.50
• Head & Shoulders Anti-Hair Fall Treatment for Scalp & Hair 185g --- RM 18.70
Conclusion from the 2 hours and 1 month of trial using the Head & Shoulders products that were in my goodie bag:
(1) There is no ugly women (people). Just lazy people.
(2) It takes just a lil effort to look good. And if we don't respect ourselves by simply grooming ourselves a little, how do we expect others to respect us?
(3) I love the Head & Shoulders Anti-Hairfall Treatment for Scalp &a Hair. It had certainly reduced my hair fall!
(4) Wearing 4 inch heels, I am still one head shorter than many people including Chelsia Ng.