MIGF: Lebanese Delights @ Al Amar

I've looked at many of the MIGF menus and one particular participant seriously stood out with its price. An amazing RM98++ per person without wine and RM138++ per person with wine. Here's a walk through what RM98++ brings you this MIGF.
Lebanese Four Seasons
For a sunny start
Authentic Labneh Trio with Lebanese Southern Tapenade
and a Brush of Thyme
The moment this dish arrived on our table, I went "Wow". A nice mix of colours, shapes and textures. The crunchy pastry sticks and the bread sticks were great for dipping into the 3 balls of labneh. Labneh is a cheese made of yogurt. Its consistency is somewhat similar to cream cheese. Each labneh was coated with either dried mint, thyme and paprika. My personal favourite was the flavourful thyme. Of course the olive tapenade on the side was equally delightful.
Delightful breadsticks that I wouldn't mind having more
Thyme, mint and paprika
A dip with your bread or pastry stick
Summer blooms
Apricot Glazed Beetroot Tartar on Mango Leather and Rocket Coulis
Summer blooms and the world turns bright and colourful. And this dish perfectly describes summer colours and flavours. A vivid play of colours with the red diced beetroot, pretty flowers and mango leather. The flavours were equally refreshing with a subtle taste of apricot to complement the fresh juicy beetroot. Oh! The flowers are pretty and are edible. Amazing right?
Here's another look at this pretty summer dish
Autumn flavours
Spinach Bonbon, Soujouk Mille Feuille and Herb Crust Filled
with Hommos and Grass Fed Baby Lamb Fillet
Again a brilliant play of flavours and textures makes this also another enjoyable dish. Herb Crust Filled with Hommos and Grass Fed Baby Lamb Fillet was so adorable that I could not help giving it a kiss before eating it. Al Amar's signature humus made of chick pea and tahini had bits of grass fed baby lamb fillet which was an interesting play of flavour and texture with the flavoured pastry.
Shaped like an old fashion sweet, the Spinach Bonbon had a thin crisp skin with a yummy and creamy spinach feeling.
Soujouk Mille Feuille was quite a hit with my foodie pals when we tasted it. The spiced lamb sausage were arranged delicately and covered with some tomato salsa. And the arty looking lotus root tucked into this bed isn't just all about looks. A bite into this lotus root crisp after a few mouthful of the tender spiced lamb sausage is refreshing as lotus root is naturally slightly sweet.
Raining chefs
Braised Rack of Lamb with Stuffed Baby Marrow and
Vine Leaves Accompanied by a Garlic Mint Sauce
Pan seared Red Mullet Fillets with Sayadieh Rice and Drops of Fish Jus
Braised Rack of Lamb with Stuffed Baby Marrow and Vine Leaves Accompanied by a Garlic Mint Sauce is another piece of masterpiece. The dish arrives and the dried rosemary is lighted up giving us a wonderful whiff of sweet rosemary. And its yet another cheerful play of colours with a brilliant yellow squash filled with a ball of meat and basmati rice. This happy yellow squash then sits on a baby tomato. Isn't it adorable?
The Braised Rack of Lamb is cooked just right. Every bite reveals a moist piece of lamb cooked just right with a delightful pink hue.
see the lighted rosemary tip?
tender lamb
The rice with some meats are wrapped nicely in vine leaves. This is a great way for me to actually indulge in rice as the savoury rice and meat was really appetizing with the slightly tangy vine leaves. The bed of potato most not be left on the plate. This potato is grilled just right and is not starchy or dry as I have tasted elsewhere.
And if one loves fish, then the Pan seared Red Mullet Fillets with Sayadieh Rice and Drops of Fish Jus is a must have. The Red Mullet is favourful and juicy. It was complemented well with the rice that has been cooked slowly in a fish broth and onions. The added pomegranate and pine nuts make this such a pretty dish from the otherwise brownish looking dish and most importantly give it a fresh juicy zing.
a very flavourful fluffy rice with sweet caramelised onions
Sunshine after the rain
Nougat Glacé Laid on a Bed of Vanilla Pineapple Confit Served
with Pineapple Sauce & Spiced Chocolate Shell
Sunshine after the rain was all bright and yellow. It was again another pretty sight that I didn't quite have the heart to eat because I didn't want to destroy the masterpiece plus I did think that it could be a possibly very sweet dessert. Nougat Glacé was a soft nougat with dried fruits in it (this sounds sweet). Cardamom ice cream in a spiced chocolate ball (still sounds sweet) Thus I was surprised that what I thought would have been a terribly sweet dessert was actually very palatable even for non sweet tooths like me. The cup of pineapple sauce gave this dish a different dimension. This was one aromatic and refreshing dessert. If I could add, I personally think that is could be awarded "The Dessert of MIGF 2011"!

Indeed this is a good value MIGF menu.
Full Festival Menu RM138++per person with wine
RM98++per person without wine
Chateau Musar Jeune White, Viognier, Corsican variety, Vermentino & Chardonnay, 2008, Lebanon
Chateau Kefraya Blanc de Blanc, Viognier, Sauvignon Blanc & Chardonnay, 2008, Lebanon
Chateau Musar Jeune Red, Cinsault, Syrah & Cabernet Sauvignon, 2009, Lebanon
Chateau Musar Hochar Père & Fils, Cinsault, 2002, Lebanon OR Chateau Musar Cuvée White, Obeideh, 2004, Lebanon


  1. Such an artisan display of Lebanese cuisine! Everything was just amazing that day right to the end of the fabulous Dessert!!

  2. choiyen: braidstick....yes!

    food dreams: everything looked good and tasted wonderful. *burp* was seriously stuffed when i left.

  3. the braised rack of lamb looks tempting! :)

  4. this looks so colorful and artistic compared to regular middle eastern cuisine. and for RM98++, it looks like a whole lot of food too! :D

  5. sean: for rm98...its quite a fare. i was quite filled by the time i left.