MIGF: Senja @ The Saujana Hotel

Dining at Senja is always a good experience. During the day, you'll be relaxing to a view of greenery and tranquil lake. Come night, enjoy the peace of the night with the company of a band that serenades you with relaxing numbers. Coupled with its warm lighting, pristine wooden flooring and attentive crew, Senja sets a diner straight into relaxed and ready to dine in first class the moment one walks into the restaurant.
I arrived rather early with my makan buddies. We sat and relaxed to the live band while waiting for our food to be prepared.
Tartar di Tonno e Mango
Mango Tuna Tartar
Crema di Cavolfiore con Brioche
al Tartufo Nero
Cauliflower Soup and Black Truffle Brioche
Terrina di Verdure Grigliate
e Mozzarella di Bufala
Vegetables Terrine and Buffalo Mozzarella
The appetizer Terrina di Verdure Grigliate e Mozzarella di Bufala (Vegetables Terrine and Buffalo Mozzarella) was a pretty dish with a brilliant display of colours using basil, tomatoes, carrots and zucchini. The mild but distinctive flavour of buffalo mozarella made the grilled vegetables a light yet satisfying appetizer.
Raviolo al Nero, Salmone e Caviale
Squid Ink Ravioli, Smoked Salmon and Caviar
CapesanteScottate, Pure’dirape
Rosse e Porcini
Pan-seared Scallops, Beetroot Puree
and Porcini Mushrooms
Gamberi al Pomodoro Piccante, Bruschetta
Prawns, Tomato Chili Sauce and Olive Oil Bruschetta
There is something mesmerizing about squid ink. Black yet elegant. And that is precisely how Raviolo al Nero, Salmone e Caviale (Squid Ink Ravioli, Smoked Salmon and Caviar) looked. It was a petite ravioli assembled with much thought and grace. Squid ink which is slightly salty, flavours and colours the plain ravioli. Take a bite of the ravioli and you'll get an explosion of flavours from the delicate smoked flavour of the salmon. The red and black caviar gives the ravioli a slightly salty and nutty taste.
Costata di Vitello, Couscus, Salsa Chanterelle
Grilled Veal Rack, Couscous and Chanterelle
Mushroom Sauce
Involtino di Sogliola, Risotto alla Milanese,
Salsa alla Mugnai
Roulade of Dover Sole, Milanese Risotto
and Butter Lemon Sauce
Alaskan Filetto di Merluzzo, Vellutata di
Cannellini, Asparagi Bianchi
Seared Alaskan Cod Fish, Cannellini Bean
Velvet and White Asparagus
The Alaskan Filetto di Merluzzo, Vellutata di Cannellini, Asparagi Bianchi (Seared Alaskan Cod Fish, Cannellini Bean Velvet and White Asparagus) is quite a plain looking dish. However beyond its looks, this is a very exquisite dish. The cod fish is seared to allow retain its naturally mild sweetness. The base is luxurious with rich lobsters bisque mixed with Cannellini beans (a type of Italian kidney bean) chosen for its distinctive nutty and smooth textured. Potato crisp give the dish some textures. Yes the delicate yellowchips or crips that you see if actually made from potatoes!
Tiramisu dello Chef Giovanni
Chef Giovanni’s Tiramisu
Creme Brulee al Rosmarino
Rosemary Creme Brulee
I have heard the Chef Giovanni Ricci is known to serve old fashion traditional dishes. I didn't exactly think much of it until we tasted Tiramisu dello Chef Giovanni (Chef Giovanni’s Tiramisu). Tiramisu is a traditional Italian dessert and Chef Giovanni serves us a luxuriously sweet and seductive tiramisu. The tiramisu is light yet rich in flavours. I said "seductive tiramisu" because every bite of the tiramisu just makes you want to have more.
Its almost year end and if you need a place to chill over some fine Italian food then Senja is just the brilliant place to be. This MIGF, check out the MIGF offerings:
Full Festival Menu RM360 per person with wine (any four courses);
RM280 per person with wine (any three courses); RM220 per person with wine (any two courses);
RM180 per person without wine (any four courses);RM140 per person without wine (any three courses);
RM110 per person without wine (any two courses)

Cascine 7 ProseccoNV
Placido Pinot Grigio Delle Venezie IGT 2008
Vigne Rigali “Principessa” Gavia Gavi DOCG 2007
Agricola AllegriniValpolicella DOC 2008
Placido Chianti DOCG 2008
BaroneRicasoli “Castello Di Brolio Vin Santo” 2004
The Saujana Hotel Kuala Lumpur:
Saujana Resort
Jalan Lapangan Terbang SAAS
40150 Shah Alam
+603-7840 5502


  1. Ooo I like the whole setup.. the desserts look yummy! Any chance to pop in there just for the desserts? :D

  2. jeffro: head in for their ala carte then!

    isaac: yes it is.

  3. argg! I shouldn't read your blog at this hour cos I didn't take dinner and I am so hungry after reading your post.

    TIramisu is so tempting~ I gonna grab something to put into my mouth now. haha

  4. choi yen: yes the fish was good:D

    and i enjoyed the ravioli quite a bit. very exquisite!

    yvon: you're funny...but i now look and i am also a bit hungry again.