Monochrome (Almost) Tale in Pudu Market

A good friend asked me yesterday if I wanted dim sum at 5am. He promised me that it would be good. But more so, he promised me that I will enjoy an adventure which I'll love at that hour. Mind you...I am not much of an early riser especially during weekends unless there's a drive or a trip somewhere.

So here I am waking up at 430am so that I am at Pudu for my morning adventure at 5:30a.m. I must admit that I wasn't too keen with the smell:P However, when you see the hustle and bustle at that hour, you forget the smell. Its amazing.

For a change, I opted to shoot in monochrome. Something I've not done for ages. Here's some pics taken:
this boss is perched up on a high chair and folks will come to him for a quote or place their order
not sure why he gave the stunned deer look
uncle making his selection
someone's peeping while working
smiley lady cutting chicken
aunty sorting out the "xiao bai chai" that arrived
uncle slurpping very yummy porridge
aunty making fish paste "yee wak"
slicing up a huge stingray
this was at 5:30a.m. this guy made many trip delivering the seafood that just arrived
Since I wasn't all too confident shooting in monochrome, here's some coloured pics.
sundry shop
the jalan yew entrance to the market. awesome selection of fresh spices
fresh coconut milk
no idea why he was "firing" the chicken
bunga kantan that you can smell from a few feet away
6o sen for an apple
awesome ripe pumpkin
crab anyone?
siu yok and char siew galore
crispy siu yok
packing the fish paste that is freshly made on the spot using only fish meat and nothing else
entertainment and comfort when the weather turns hotter during mid morning

all sweaty after moving the stocks around
fresh meat
very calourful lady. i love her hat
This has been a fun Sunday morning. Will I do it again? Of course...but I must ensure that I have a good night's sleep firstlah:P


  1. Wow, very nice pics of the sights and sounds of Pudu Market! :)

  2. interesting photos of hardworking folks! i think some of these pics would have looked nice in sepia too. i've never been to the pudu market, but i think you really captured the feel here :D

  3. The origin of the old KL lifestyle

  4. nikel: yes old fashion kl although i think that would have been central market before renovation.

    laura: thanx.

    sean: sepia sounds like an idea for my next adventure. although its got to be in camera conversion from monochrome to sepia:-(

  5. wOw!!! This is down memory lane for me. It's been ages since I've been to the Pudu Market. Still remember years ago when I just got married and staying at nearby Taman Maluri ... lo kong will go marketing on his own every Sunday morning coz I can't stand the smell there. Those were the days when he started to balloon ... hihihi!

  6. these are some nice shots! i particularly love the last B&W piece :D

  7. wenny: hubbies do tend to balloon:P

    ky: yes one of my faves and also the one of the uncle slurping his porridge. was seated 2 feet away and he was seriously oblivious to the world.

  8. firing the chicken to remove the tiny feather...

  9. Food dreams: thanx

    choi yen: maybe you're right. but it seems to be done only at the malay stalls. strange...