My Heart Sweated Bullets

My heart sweated bullets. Not kidding and Benjamin certainly described it aptly.

I was in a housekeeping frenzy. I see too many draft posts sitting around ~ blogger keeps a new draft of the same title each time when I quit halfway through a post. And in my moment of blurness (the nick missyblurkit obviously comes with a reason), I clicked "ALL" and happily deleted all my 50 blog posts. That was at 11:25p.m.


Oh My God
Panic attack. Heart stops many beats.

Dang...what am I going to do?

I googled. I yahooed. I was frantic. There does not seem to be a solution for deleted blog post under Blogger unless I was on a content management system or something.

Walked around my house...what do I do? Look at my plants, my 2 terrapins and my furkid Shalom. Hoping very much to find a solution from them. And saviour (I'll like to think so) Shalom started walking between her toy baskets. She was doing her usual habit of transferring toys or shifting her treats (which she sometimes forgets where she keeps them so hubby and I have to go around the house with her to look for them for her).
this is Shalom
Voila! It hit me that surely Blogger will still have it around somewhere. All I should need to do is to look through my browser history to see if I can find the link of my last edits. Luck was semi with me. I found 1! The only one that I edited right before my revisit to Central Market toilet and to have my hokkien mee fix. That was at 7:03p.m. 3 hours before I did the unthinkable.

I clicked on the link in my browser history. Fingers, eyes and toes crossed...I hoped it will work. Yes it worked!
My draft post was alive. I click "save now". Opened another browser...and yes the draft post was resurrected. Unfortunately, only 1 was resurrected as I was working on another browser previously which I did not save my browsing history. Aaaargh! is better than none!
So which was the lucky post? Ol Skool Dim Sum at Pudu Cafe which I posted this morning.
Meanwhile...thanx to Pummkin I discovered MacJournal and LiewCF I discovered MarsEdit. I am going to play with this 2 and decide which is better for me. Thanx folks!

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