Ol Skool Dim Sum at Pudu Cafe

And with my monochrome adventure in Pudu, I am treated to dim sum ol skool style. Hidden at Pudu market is Pudu Cafe. A no frills shop, I am greeted at 6:00a.m. by a packed shop. Yeah its seriously packed at this hour. Its also non stop steaming of dim sum to cater to the clients.
Every table, I see people enjoying their dim sum. It can be an uncle slurping his porridge with his wife for company. On another table, someone else is enjoying his pow and cup of chinese tea while browsing the newspapers.

Needless to say, I am ravenous after my morning walk with my camera and bag. I have a peep at what's steaming and quickly return to my table to start picking the dim sums.
Here's a glimpse of some of the items we ate.
Not overly sweet egg tarts
Yummy radish cake
Creamy woo kok with a generous stuffing of melt in your mouth char siew
what's inside?
lo mai kai with a generous portion of chicken, pork, sausage and mushroom
fried lobak. basically its fu chuk (beancurd skin) with meat stuffing
stuffed chilly
chicken soup for breakfast. super yum yum for the soul and tummy
satisfying & bouncy fishball (yee wak)
siu mai
rather strange shaped lai yao bao
its not the oozy drip all over type of filling but it has a very nice corn custard taste to it
braised fu chuk with stuffing. the sauce is yummy.
braised chicken feet
My faves? Porridge. Char Siew Pow. Pork ribs. Chee Cheong Fun. Lotus Leaf Rice. Stuffed Bittergourd.

We ordered 3 servings of the pork ribs and the confession is that I ate one on my own. The meat is tender and is well marinated. You can taste the awesome taste of the flavourful black dace in every bite without even biting into the black dace.
The char siew pow is fluffy. The filling is not too sweet and the meat is juicy with a light hint of sesame seed. Lean meat is used but its not dry.
I admit that I wasn't too keen on the idea of chee cheong fun initially. This I reckon is because of the amount of fried onions that I saw on it. However I took a bite (after pushing aside the fried onions) and was wowed. Silky and smooth chee cheong fun with fragrant soya sauce. Take it with the sambal on the side. This is awesome! Yes it was good...we ordered another plate!
What is dim sum without porridge? Pudu Cafe serves wholesome thick porridge with a generous amount of minced pork and century egg. Of course there is salted egg. Just that you don't see it. Proper way of cooking is to mash the salted egg with the porridge so you taste it but don't see it with your naked eye.
an old uncle with his bowl of porridge
thick hot porridge
The lotus leaf rice is a must order. The glutionous rice is aromatic because of the lotus leaf. It is also aromatic because of the generous fillings including salted, lean meat (healthy shop!) and chinese sausages.
a dainty parcel wrapped with lotus leaf
fluffy fragrant glutinous rice
I love stuffed bittergourds and Pudu Cafe serves them the way I like. Huge generous amount of fish paste stuffed into a ring of bittergourd. The bittergourd is soft and coupled with the firm fish paste. The fish paste is as original as you can get. Its pure fish meat that is minced together sans any flour whatsoever.
And if you're around that part of town, hop over to this ol skool shop:
45 Jalan Pasar Baru
Off Jalan Pudu
Kuala Lumpur

A 5:30 am visit to the market is certainly very early by my standards buts its all fun and good. No regrets!


  1. i love dim sum too! but 5.30am seems to be too early to eat this much.

  2. aiks! i didnt eat dim sum for a long time! =(

  3. I love dim sum!! But it's too heavy for such early morning rite?

  4. henry: couldn't make it yesterday lor.

    fish: can go a bit laterlah. i was there early coz i wanted to shoot at the market:D a tribute to the hardworking people who wake up early to work at the wet markets.

  5. jun fook: very nice at that time of the day...start off with porridge and you'll love everything else to follow. and hot chinese tea helps!

  6. heheh, six in the morning is way too early for me, but the spread looks yummy. my only hope is that a kind friend might someday go here and tar pau some dim sum back for me :D

  7. sean: must eat there and enjoy the whole 6am feel:D worth waking up!

  8. it was a precious experience at this ungodly hour! the world never sleeps... ;0)

  9. The loh mai gai looks nice....& I used to have that nai yao bao but now can't find anywhere >.<

  10. food dreams: yes the world never sleeps. next round we should do even another session but slightly earlier:P

    choi yen: yes it is yummeh loh mai kai. the last nai yao bao i had was so long ago! try the ones at jin xuan. its not too bad.

  11. I think I went to this place before. Because my relative say this is one of the must try dimsum.

    Last time I went, the area got some weird smell. Hope now it was alright because now I am going to go there by myself :P

  12. i went inside...oklah:P i smelt food from my own table.

    outside could have been the market smell which i was quite oblivious too halfway through the photoshoot. the sights were more amazing than the smell.