Treasure Pot for Lunch

Pot of Prosperity. Well this is the name that i concocted myself for what is known as Poon Choy 盆菜. This Poon Choy dish does literally mean a pot or basin of vegetable and I think it does no justice to such a gorgeous dish.

This is quite a huge dish. So do not attempt this if you're dining with just another pal. A small sized Poon Choy can easily feed 4-6 persons. On that fine Sunday afternoon, 9 of us makan kakis got together for lunch. Poon Choy sounded brilliant and we ordered Large. Yeah...and we polished off almost every morsel of it since it was seriously yummy.

This is how it arrives. All nicely covered in a claypot. It is placed on a stove on our table and as it boils we can even smell it despite the close lid...
Now let's take a peep....
And here's the Poon Choy. Looks can be deceiving as what you see isn't everything. Beneath the top layer is another hidden layer of treasures. Now what did we have in ours?
• Fish maw
• Sea cucumber
• Roast pork - siu yok
• Dried Oyster
• Abalone slices (bao pin)
• Prawn
• Roast Duck (I loved this as it had a very thin and crispy skin!)
• Chicken
• Pork trotter
• Brocolli
• Mushroom
and I reckon quite a few more that I couldn't get my names right:P
You can quite imagine with all the yummy ingredients that has gone into the dish, the gravy will be simply flavourful. So it called for rice. Yes serious carbo loading time that means an extra bowl of rice for a none rice eater like me.
And being curious, I had always wondered what wine would go with such a magnificent dish? And of course being Chinese, I thought that Chinese wine will be brilliant. So there we went with our wine pairing idea (thanx to a brilliant person on our table). We had this Chinese Wine "Kuei Hwa Chen Chiew" which was 14% alcohol and was made from flowers. Am not too sure what flower since no one on the table could read Chinese but the folks at Hai-O where we bought it said it was flowers. The wine was easy, a tad sweet and basically complimented the Poon Choy well.
* I shall be reading up and writing on this wine soon again (I promise).
So if you're keen to experience lovely Poon Choy head down to:
Restaurant Mei Six Hin
No.G-62, Jalan Prima SG 3/1,
Prima Sri Gombak,
68100 Selangor.
+017 27 999 27 (Winnie)


  1. Ooo...chinese wine~ never tried before ^^ and omg~ the poon choi looks so sinfully good~

  2. It was certainly a beautiful dish! I also cannot resist this without rice because of the gravy.... :D

  3. Wow, it looks really good! I love Poon Choy too, but it's so expensive and need to book. Can only eat on special occasions, haha. And I've never tried Chinese wine with Chinese dishes too. Maybe I should suggest it to my dad next time, hehe.

  4. the flower is "guai fa",or Sweet Olive in English :)

  5. Like Treasure Pot... Alot ingredients.. Good Good!

  6. I've never eaten poon choi in my entire life. Heard that it is interesting to have that with a bunch of friends. Maybe I should try this soon :)

  7. merryn: am planning another poon choy session. we go together-gather?

    choi yen: thanx for to read up more about that flower. times like this i wished i can read more than 200 chinese characters.

    nikel & glo: tonnes of ingredients and it all makes the dish super yummilicious. *burp*

    laura: its a good dish to have with the family. chinese wine will be nice though some can taste quite strong:D

    cfd: i need another bowl of rice next time. can't bear the idea of wasting the luscious gravy!

  8. I love poon choy, but I've only managed to have it three or four times in KL. The nicest was probably at some restaurant in pudu, but I've forgotten the name (argh!). And the worst was at ying ker Lou at the curve (overpriced and with dull ingredients). The one you had looks really tasty! Wish it wasn't so far away in gombak, heheh :D

  9. Sean: Its really not too far:P And its worth the trip there. Was there for some other dishes and this place is consistently good based on my few visits:D

  10. seriously i've never tried poon choy myself... i heard the best one is at sungai buloh there but this one looks good itself :)

  11. CleverMunkey: I have yet to try the Sungai Buluh one but this is one good one. I've returned for this quite a few times for "reunions" with different friends.