Turkish Culinary and Cultural Week 2011

I've never been to Turkey but have read of its beautiful sceneries and awesome rich food. 2 days back I was invited to experience a little of Turkey at the launch of the Turkish Culinary &Cultural Week 2011 at the Royale Chulan Hotel.

In conjunction with the 88th anniversary of the Republic of Turkey, the Turkey Tourism and Information Office in Malaysia will be celebrating the occasion by hosting the Turkish Culinary and Cultural Week. Head over to the Royale Chulan Hotel from now till Friday 4th November to experience Turkey. Throughout this Turkish Culinary and Cultural Week from 6:30p.m. till 9:00p.m. feast to Turkish delights at The Warisan Cafe prepared by chefs flown in from Turkey. Enjoy the buffet dinner at RM78++ per person.

Be entertained by energetic dancers and musicians also flown in from Turkey and be mesmerized by the Turkish craftsmen.
these ladies played and sang like angels
The musicians are awesome. My regret...I didn't record the performance. But you could check them out at the Lanai Lounge at the Royale Chulan Hotel. The very charming and energetic dancers will also be performing there.

I was rather mesmerized by the ancient art of ebru or paper marbling. Watch how paper marbling expert Mustafa Ekran draws on water using special paints that is made from animal and vegetable fats. Equally beautiful is Turkish caligraphy.
ebru master at work
put a paper over the tray
gently lift it up
art is transferred to the paper
Pretty picture done the traditional way "ebru"
special colours made with vegetable and animal fats
Some pretty crafts that I came across...and I learnt that the blue eye is in almost every house in Turkey because it is believed to ward off evil.
This year I actually started liking coffee. And if you love coffee like I do, the Turkish coffee is absolutely brilliant and is an art itself.
pretty Turkish lady who prepared our coffee
brewing a good Turkish coffee
Here's Aida of The Star enjoying her cuppa.
What's a press conference for the Turkish Culinary and Cultural Week without any food teasers? Here's some yummies...and I must say I love the Baklava. Its seriously sweet but its awesomely flavourful. Mind you this is quite laborious to make.
Some canapes made of ingredients that's found in many Turkish dishes.
This very rich cookies are awesome. They simple melt in your mouth and was really great with the Turkish coffee. Lost count of the number pieces I ate.
Yes ice cream. I become a lil girl when I see ice cream. See how the ice cream is being carved. Turkish ice cream is made from goats milk. It has a very interesting creamy texture and consistency, so much so our friend from Turkey entertained us with playing with the ice cream and it did not melt nor drip onto the floor.
playing with ice cream:P
Jess loved the ice cream so much. How many did we eat together ah?
X the happy child
love this with bits of pistachio. awesome maximus
Courtesy of the Turkish Tourism and Information Office and Etihad Airways, Cheah Ying from the Oriental Daily and writer Kee Hua Chee were the 2 lucky winners whose names were drawn to enjoy a 4 days 3 nights trip to Instanbul. Congras folks!

Meanwhile since I missed being the lucky draw winner...I shall now have to plan for my own trip to Turkey. 2012 perhaps? Fingers crossed...I should be there in 2012! Enjoy the following videos of magnificent Turkey.
And I'm heading in to the Royale Chulan Hotel to enjoy the yummy food at their Warisan Cafe to satisfy my curiosity till I make my way to Turkey.


  1. Whoa, goats cheese ice cream! It seems difficult to imagine at first, since goats cheese has quite a strong stinkiness! But it looks really yummy, and I guess maybe it's sweetly flavored, like yogurt :D

  2. sean: its creamy but the taste is not overpowering. it just has the "I want more" urge after every bite.

  3. The paper marbling is really cool !

  4. wilee: it's quite magical seeing the artist paint (patiently) and then transfer it to the paper...voila a pretty piece of painting!