Fisherman's Fridays

Fisherman's Friday? It sure sounds like a seafood lovers' kind of Friday.

I hop over to Zest at Putrajaya Marriott Hotel. Traffic is good with the highways leading to the hotel, so I am a contented girl. I get even more contented when I see the selection of seafood. And its buffet spread. Its not all about quantity, we're talking quality too OK? So let's start...

Cold seafood is always a welcoming sight...



Succulent prawns

Clam and crabstick salad

Oysters ~ my fave!

Seafood terrine
I love salads and its always good to have our salads with some seafood for additional flavour and nutrition:D

Of course eating a vegetarian salad is also good. Select from the assortment of salad dressing...or play around and make your own ceasar salad.

Eat you vegetables!

Ceasar salad makes eating vegetables easier...
Have some cheese...

Like some warm seafood? The chefs prepare it on the spot and you can choose from from the different type of sauces available. I loved the kicap with cili padi (soy sauce with bird's eye chilli) that goes so well with most of the seafood.
the little green bowls has an assortment of sauces for your choice of seafood

simple kembung (scomber) good on its own or dip it into the kicap cili padi

ikan selar kuning (yellow tail scad)



tiger prawns
mussels & scallops

assortment of clams
This seafood escape continues with another whole selection of local favourites.

kong poh (love the generous use of paprika with cashew nuts) squids

stir fried cabbage with dried shrimps
sweet & spicy crab. this is awesome "finger food" when we chatted after dinner

curry fish head

not exactly seafood but these are wonderful acar

fried sotong ball

These prawns were addictive the chilly leaves.
How about a bowl of noodles? Yes, a bowl of noodles and select your own choice of seafood (of course). This is actually rather good as the soup is rather sweet with the goodness of your chosen seafood.
Or choose some Indian food which I was quite glad to have as well. The naans are lovely. Dishes are all cooked tandoor style. Oh...nasi beriani and fish curry is a must try when you swing by.

they say "come eat us"

fish head

these papadams were addictive and made yet another great post dinner chat "finger food"
The pasta station in Zest is worth visiting if you love pastas.

more seafood galore or you may opt for it plain

seafood paella
Dessert is a whole section on its own. And frankly if you love sweet stuff, this is your wonderland. Local or western and my faves were the ice kacang and its condiments. Ok confession time...I didn't just use the regular condiments for ais kacang because I hopped over to the ice cream section and took spoonfuls of pistachios and almonds for my ais kacang. And obviously I added one of my favourite chocolate wafers from childhood time as well.

ais kacang bar

the base of my ais kacang
ais kacang with added chocolate wafer, pistachios and almonds. yummeh!

jello galore

ice cream

bubur cacar is a must try...

love this old fashion chocolate wafers. good to eat on its own or decorate your ais kacang as i did:P

sweet and pretty

this fish shaped cake looked so cute... I didn't have the heart to cut her up or eat her:P

So if you crave seafood and wish to have a satisfying buffet head down to:
Putrajaya Marriott Hotel & Spa
IOI Resort, 62502, Putrajaya
T: +603 8949 8888 ext. 1888
F: +603 8949 8999
Fisherman Fridays is available on every Friday night for buffet dinner effective November
2011 priced at RM88++ per adult and RM53++ per child.


the many rounds that went into the tummy.
(at least the ones I remembered that cameras were for photography and not decorations on tables) *burp*